Mental health services | Mount Allison

Need urgent assistance or crisis support?

Counsellors at Mount Allison

Our counsellors provide guidance for a number of personal concerns and help students to develop coping skills and strategies for self-care. They provide an open, supportive environment where you can share your concerns confidentially. In-person and virtual appointments are available.

Student development counselling at Mount Allison is a short-term and solution-focused service and deal with a wide range of personal issues including, but not limited, to:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Mood issues
  • Loss and grief
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Relationship concerns (family, friends, romantic)
  • Adjustment to university
  • Difficulty balancing school/work/social/home life
  • Academic pressures
  • Homesickness/loneliness
  • Sexuality and gender identity
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Body image
  • Life goals
  • Identity concerns
  • Sexual/relational violence
  • Clinical depression
  • Social functioning
  • Substance abuse
  • Strategies for self-care

How to book an appointment

Make an appointment online. You can also call (506) 364-2163 or e-mail

Find out what to expect at your first appointment and information about confidentiality by visiting booking an appointment at the Wellness Centre. Appointments are available in-person and virtually.

Drop-in counselling

Mount Allison's student development counsellors also hold drop-in hours at the Wellness Centre during the academic year:

  • Mondays and Tuesdays — 1 p.m.-4 p.m.
  • Thursdays — 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

Drop-in counselling differs from regularly scheduled appointments. Drop-in appointments are short (20-30 minutes), same-day, solution-focused appointments.

Psychologists and psychiatrists


There are several psychologists in private practice offering services to Mount Allison students on a fee-for-service basis. Some fees are covered by the Mount Allison Students' Union insurance plan. They offer psychological assessments, mental health diagnoses, and psychotherapy.

What is a licensed clinical psychologist?

Licensed clinical psychologists hold PhDs in psychology and are mental health professionals who are trained to assess and diagnose problems in thinking, emotion, and behaviour using scientist-practitioner and evidence based models (Canadian Psychological Association).

They typically address more severe and longer term mental health issues, in comparison to those issues typically addressed in counselling. They are equipped to deal with eating disorders, complex mental health issues, and trauma.

Although psychologists are trained and licensed as generalists, they may also have specific areas of competency or specialized training.

Psychologists are trained to employ psychological tests to aid in assessment, diagnosis, and to monitor treatment outcomes.

Local psychologists offering services to students

The following professionals are currently offering services on a fee for service basis to Mount Allison students.

Breelove Counselling Inc.

Breelove Counselling Inc. provides affordable counselling therapy by telephone or video using a trauma-informed approach. Specialities range from general mental health, art therapy, adversities, trauma, racial informed to nutritional psychology. The focus is to help individuals build resilience and heal.

Contact Breelove Counselling by telephone at 506-248-0639 or by e-mail at

IRIS Community Counselling and Consulting

Growing Community through Counselling: IRIS offers mental health counselling services and education for individuals, groups, families, and youth of the greater Tantramar-area community.

Connect with an IRIS counsellor by telephone at 506-540-0942; on their website at or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Psychology and Wellness Centre

Are you struggling and need support? The Psychology and Wellness Centre is here to help you thrive and make changes that lead to transformation, while becoming happier and more satisfied with your life. They offer assessment and therapeutic services to help you in this process, so that together you can create a treatment plan to help you get where you want to be.

Book an appointment with Jean-Luc Williams (resident in psychology) or Erica Pryde (BSW, MA Candidate) by telephone at 506-382-1717 or e-mail at

Psychiatrist referrrals

    Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are able to diagnose and treat medical disorders, including with prescription medication.

    Talk to your doctor, or a doctor at the Wellness Centre, about whether you need a referral to a psychiatrist.

    Other support staff at Mount Allison

    Mental health/harm reduction educator

    The mental health/harm reduction educator works toward the development and implementation of mental health and harm reduction programming at Mount Allison.

    They promote positive mental health and wellness through workshops, campus events, awareness campaigns, and educational outreach programming.

    The mental health/harms reduction educator works with students, faculty, and staff to help foster positive mental health and overall well-being and further the progress of mental health literacy and harm reduction education and awareness on campus.

    Students are invited to reach out with questions and for assistance in determining if they need substance use or harm reduction intervention or to access peer supports or harm reduction supplies. They are also welcome to bring forward concerns about friends.

    The mental health/harms reduction educator also provides tailored presentations or discussions on mental health, substance use, and harm reduction to groups of interested students, faculty, or staff.   

    Other support staff include:

    24/7 support and online resources

    Additional community resources

    • Sage Solutions Inc. — 506-857-3258
      Counselling agency and network of professionals including counsellors, therapists, psychologists, and family mediators that provides access to counselling, meditation, and alternative health services
    • Touchstone Counselling — 506-857-3077
      Counselling service with office hours in Sackville
    • Open Sky Co-op — 506-536-4564
      Provides home and vocational assistance for adults requiring supports to improve their quality of life
    • Daybreak
      Offers mental health support for adults (over 19) who live in the Tantramar Region
    • Horizon Community Mental Health Centre — 506-856-2444
      Satellite office in Sackville
    • Atlantic Wellness Community Centre — 506-382-0298 or
    • College of Psychologists of New Brunswick
    • New Brunswick Association of Counselling Therapists