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Caleb Basnett

Assistant Professor
AVDX 313
Office hours
T 2:30pm - 3:30pm; or by appointment


I am a political theorist whose work seeks to provoke reflections on social and political domination. My past research examined the entwinement of social and political domination with the classical roots of the humanist tradition. My current work focuses on how personal experience and culture become tied together as identities, and how these identities relate to political institutions. Both my teaching and research draw comparatively on the history of political thought and contemporary political theory in order to stage conversations that cross historical and cultural boundaries.



2021. Basnett, Caleb J. Adorno, Politics, and the Aesthetic Animal. Toronto, Buffalo & London: University of Toronto Press.

Articles & Book Chapters:

2023. Basnett, Caleb J. “Adorno’s Cosmopolitan Solidarity.” New German Critique (forthcoming.)

2021. Basnett, Caleb J. “From ‘Fugitive Democracy’ to ‘Fugitive Justice’: Cultivating a Democratic Ethos.” Contemporary Political Theory 20.1: 119-140.

2018. Basnett, Caleb J. “Animals and Human Constitution: Greek Lessons, Posthuman Possibilities.” In Posthuman Dialogues in International Relations.  Edited by Erika Cudworth, Stephen Hobden, and Emilian Kavalski.  15-31. London & New York: Routledge.

2017. Basnett, Caleb J. “Without Banisters: Adorno against Humanity.”  Contemporary Political Theory 16.2: 207-227. doi:10.1057/cpt.2016.24

2017. Basnett, Caleb J. “On the Legacy of One-Dimensional Man: Outline of a Creative Politics.” Radical Philosophy Review 20.1: 241-262.  doi: 10.5840/radphilrev201742474

2016. Basnett, Caleb J. “Other Political Animals: Aristotle and the Limits of Political Community.”  The European Legacy 21.3: 290-309

Other publications:
2011. Basnett, Caleb J. “Toward a Dialectical Anthropology: Rethinking the Concept of ‘Human Being’ with Herbert Marcuse.” Problématique: Journal of Political Studies/Revue d’Études Politiques, 13: 45


  • 2015  PhD, York University
  • 2009  MA, York University
  • 2007  BA (Hons), University of Alberta


  • POLS 2001: Democratic Thought
  • POLS 3001: Ancient Political Thought
  • POLS 3011: Modern Political Thought
  • POLS 4991B: Slavery & Freedom
  • POLS 4991C: Race & Recognition


  • Contemporary Political Theory (especially democratic theory, cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism)
  • Critical Theory
  • History of Political Thought
  • Buddhism and Asian Political Thought
  • Art and Aesthetics