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The Argosy — 150 years of issues

Independent student newspaper at Mount Allison marks 150-year anniversary with weekend celebration
By: Melissa Lombard

This year, the independent student newspaper at Mount Allison, The Argosy, reached its sesquicentennial anniversary. Current Argosy staff collaborated with the Alumni Engagement Office, faculty and staff, and University Archivist David Mawhinney to mark the occasion from November 18-20, 2022. 

Argosy alumni still feel a great affinity to the newspaper and the University and have a great sense of pride about the work they did when they were here,” says Director of Alumni Engagement Carolle de Ste-Croix. “We had a tremendous response from a survey about how their work at The Argosy influenced their skillset and who they became.”

The weekend-long celebration features panels on environment and the media, political cartoonists, and the future of media — welcoming special guest Argosy alumni back to campus, including award-winning editorial cartoonist Michael DeAdder (’91, LLD ’20) and University of King’s College President and Rhodes Scholar Bill Lahey (’83).

Michael De Adder (’91, LLD ’20)
Bill Lahey (’83)

The Argosy gave me the opportunity to write stories on sports when I was a first-year student trying to find my way on campus: I loved it,” says Lahey. “Later, when I was in student government, it taught me what it was like to be held accountable by a free, independent, and critical press — both were formative experiences for which I am deeply grateful.”

A reception and dinner will feature a special archival presentation from Mawhinney on some of the history of The Argosy, including stories on legendary pranks at Mount Allison. A website will also be launched featuring early publications at Mount Allison, including The Argosy, with digitization of early content and the mastheads throughout the years. 

“Initially The Argosy was more of an academic publication and in 1922 it switched to the current format that people are more familiar with,” says Mawhinney. “I will talk about highlights over the years and draw some alumni connections. I think it’s an opportunity for many to learn more about the back story and get a broader view of what this publication was through time.”

Mira Donaldson
Islay Fraser

Current Argosy co-editors-in-chief Mira Donaldson and Islay Fraser are looking forward to the celebration.

“150 years is a long time. It is very exciting to be able to get together to discuss important topics and learn from each other,” says Fraser. 

Donaldson says she began her career at The Argosy two years ago as a hobby, but it has become so much more.

“I have a learned a lot of hard skills in writing and editing, but I also learned a lot more about storytelling in a small community,” says Donaldson. “The Argosy is currently the only print newspaper in Sackville and I have learned the past couple years just how important a news source is to telling the stories of people in Sackville and at Mount Allison. You can see that from alumni who have gone on to careers in journalism and have reflected back on their time at The Argosy.”

Watch for a special Argosy 150 feature in the Winter edition of the Record.