Editor's Note

Celebrating a return to 'normal'

Mount Allison University Reunion 2023
By: Carolle de Ste-Croix ('90)

After three long years of uncertainty and separation, we were thrilled to plan the return of the annual Mount Allison University Reunion in its traditional Reunion/Convocation format in May. As we gathered once again on our beautiful campus, we could not help but reflect on the transformative power of our shift to online events during these past few years.

Adopting a strategy for virtual events not only allowed us to adapt and overcome the limitations imposed by the pandemic, but it also opened new doors, allowing us to diversify our events and engage with wider audiences. For instance, this year the classes of 1958-59 and 1963 held an in-person reunion that included a virtual meeting on Saturday afternoon with classmates who were not able to return to campus. It was magical.

The transition to online events forced us to think creatively and find innovative ways to maintain the Mount Allison spirit of community and connection. The virtual reunion featuring the Barra McNeils concert in April 2021 is just one example. Our virtual book club brought avid readers together, fostering important discussions and a sense of camaraderie. Another exciting development was our "In Conversation with..." series, where we invited distinguished alumnus and industry expert Dr. Tom Deans for an insightful discussion and Q&A session. This online event allowed us to tap into the expertise of alumni who may have previously been unable to participate due to distance or scheduling conflicts. By reaching beyond the physical boundaries of our campus, we broaden our perspectives and spark meaningful conversations that transcend traditional events and gatherings.

While the virtual realm facilitated our ability to engage with a wider audience, there is an undeniable magic that happens when we come together in-person. Reunion Weekend is not just a celebration of our shared past, but also a reaffirmation of our enduring bonds and a chance to forge new connections. The joy of meeting old friends, reminiscing about shared experiences, and creating new memories cannot be replicated in the digital realm.

As we begin to plan our next in-person and virtual events and reunions, let us celebrate the events and reunions of the past, the connections we have forged, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Carolle de Ste-Croix ('90)
Editor of the Record
Director of Alumni Engagement