In Memoriam

Departed Allisonians Winter 2023

Compiled from information sent to University Advancement Sept. 16, 2022 – Jan. 15, 2022

Please feel welcome to submit memories of departed Allisonians you have known and loved.

Olive D. (Allen) Hicks — 1941
Sister Elaine MacInnes — 1944
Elizabeth M. (Malcolm) Campbell — 1944
Dawn-Marie (Howard) Lunney — 1946
Marjory R. (Rogers) Donaldson — 1948
Isabel R. (Ewing) Hildebrand — 1950
Kenneth D. Drury — 1951
Harold M. Foote — 1952
Truman M. Layton — 1952
Elizabeth (Hayes) Jost — 1954
Dr. Ed B. Skinner — 1954
Irma (Cock) Andrews — 1955
Norman A. Jost — 1956
Jean M. (Robb) Tronchetti — 1957
Dr. Peter L. Davis — 1957
Joel A. Archibald — 1958
Roy C. Maxwell — 1958
John E. MacMillan — 1960
Barbara A. (Bell) Tapley — 1960
Fern (Stonehouse) Walker — 1961
Carolyn J. (Dixon) Carmichael — 1963
Sandra I. (Bowden) Flieger — 1964
Dr. Ian A. MacKay — 1965
Duncan S. MacLeod — 1965 
Deidre Jones-Nishimura — 1965
J. Douglas Smith — 1965 
Jon C. Coates — 1966 
Beth C. Jesty — 1967 
Major W. C. MacDonald — 1967
Shelagh F. (Ross) Rayworth — 1968
Brenda M. Peck — 1968
Gwendolyn E. (Allison) McClellan — 1969 
Mildred I. (Chase) Williams — 1970
Robert G. Perry — 1971
Valerie L. (Dickson) Currier — 1972
Richard E. Wood — 1973
Martin H. Van Egmond — 1973
Dr. John Beckwith — 1974
Dale H. McGraw — 1975
Stephen B. Fairley — 1975
Heather K. (Anderson) Smith — 1979
Deborah J. Wilcox — 1980
David Brunn — 1994
Joyce E. (Murray) MacDonald — 1998
Ernest Leblanc — 1999
Carita Dubuc
Andrew Miles
Former Employee
Prof. Johannes Houtsma
Dr. Thomas Storm
Dr. Ernest Lane
Glen Ward


Submitted by his life-long Mount A pals Dave Wood (’71), Chris Meadows (’71), Bob Ward (’72), George Shaw (’73), Steve Trevor (’73, ’74), Dennis Bedard (’75), and David Henry (’74, ’75)

Greg passed away peacefully in July 2022 at his Moncton country home, surrounded by his loving family. Greg was a devoted husband to his dear wife Cindy, a very proud father of Nick, Kelly, and Gillian, a beaming grandfather to four grandkids, a big brother to Gaelyne (’75) and Gary, a dedicated and award-winning medical doctor, a Moncton community leader, a lifetime basketball player and long-time coach, a rugby player, an all-round sports enthusiast, an eternal optimist, a team player, an amateur gourmet, definitely a jester and entertainer, and our life-long Mount A buddy.

Greg was a multi-talented townie (…as all townies claim to be!) who always maintained a positive outlook on life and its many adventures. He loved sports and played basketball for four years under Laird McLennan (1969-73) and was a proud MtA team member that beat Acadia in his first year. He also loved rugby (especially the post-game parties) and played in Nova Scotia for many years.

Greg’s life plan on graduating from Mount A in 1973 was to become a medical doctor. With steely grit and determination, Greg graduated from Dalhousie Medical School (with George Shaw (’73)), where he met the love of his life, Cindy, and became a dedicated and celebrated doctor in Moncton (awarded New Brunswick Doctor of the Year in 2012).

Over the years, Greg enjoyed many adventures (…some that we can mention!) including a backpack trip through Europe in 1973 with George Shaw (’73) and David Henry (’74), where Greg often got lost; the 1976 Montreal Olympics again with George and David; to the Atlanta Georgia Olympics in 1996 with his family; and a special trip to the 2015 Rugby World Cup Championships in Cardiff, Wales, with Cindy and other friends, including Paul (’74) and Shelly Arsenault (’74).

His summer sport schedule always included a week of golf with his Mount A buddies, who, after a hard day on the PEI links, all bunked in at his Hampton Beach cottage to consume his gourmet appetizers (perhaps with a few beers) and recount tall tales.

Greg will be sadly missed by his family and friends. We will never forget our old Mount A buddy.

NB - Before his passing, Greg set up the Mount Allison Dr. Greg Donald “Heads Up” Bursary. We encourage his friends to donate at some point in the future.

Please note Dr. Greg Donald was included in the Fall 2022 Record In Memoriam.