Policy 7004 — Smart Phones and Tablets Policy

Policy section:
Section 7000-7099 Computing Services
Policy number:
Smart Phones and Tablets Policy
Approved By:
The President
Approved date:
January 20, 2014
Effective date:
February 1, 2014
Administered by:
Director of Computing Services and Controller


1.1 The following definitions apply to this policy:   

1.1.1 “device” means a smart phone or a tablet that is using two-way radio-spectrum frequencies to communicate within public telecommunication systems,
1.1.2 “signing authority” means the person authorized to approve expenditures from the University source of funds that will be used to cover the cost of a device and its related service fees, and
1.1.3 “countersigning authority” means the person who would countersign requests from the signing authority for reimbursement of expenses.


2.1 The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines concerning

2.1.1 the assignment of devices to University employees,
2.1.2 the reimbursement by the University when personally-owned devices are used for University purposes,
2.1.3 the reimbursement to the University when University-owned devices are used for personal purposes, and
2.1.4 the use of personally-owned devices to access University systems and store University data.


3.1 This policy applies to all University employees.
3.2 This policy applies to expenses from all sources of funds administered by the University including but not limited to departmental budgets, RTEs, PDRs, departmental special funds, endowment expendable funds, and research grants.


4.1 The following criteria will be applied when a decision is made about whether to assign a device to an employee:     

4.1.1 The reasons the device is required to support University activities; and

4.1.2 The capacity of the signing authority’s account to cover the cost of the device and its related service fees.
4.2 The signing authority or, in a case where the device is to be assigned to the signing authority, the countersigning authority shall    

4.2.1 complete a Device Approval Form (Appendix A) when a new device is assigned,

4.2.2 send the form to Computing Services for completion, and

4.2.3 confirm on an annual basis on request by the Procurement Manager the reasons the device is required to support University activities.
4.3 An employee who is assigned a device shall    

4.3.1 ensure that a travel package is purchased for the device when it is necessary for the employee to be able to use the device to support University activities while the employee is outside of Canada,

4.3.2  notwithstanding any payroll deductions made in accordance with section 6 below, reimburse the University for any roaming charges when the device is used outside of Canada,

4.3.3  report a missing device to Computing Services, and

4.3.4  return the device to Computing Services when his or her employment comes to an end or when the device is no longer required to support University activities.
4.4 Except as provided in section 4.5 below, the type of device assigned and its service contract shall comply with University standards.
4.5 An employee may be assigned a device which does not comply with University standards with the approval of a vice-president.
4.6 Only Financial Services can enter into a contract in respect of a University-owned device.


5.1 For personally-owned devices, the following charges are eligible for reimbursement:

5.1.1 costs specifically related to a business call when the call originated within Canada,

5.1.2 costs of travel packages purchased when the device is required to support University activities while the employee is traveling outside of Canada,

5.1.3 specific and time-limited charges related to acquiring access to the internet when that is necessary to support University activities, and

5.1.4 other expenses pre-approved by Financial Services.
5.2 The following charges are not eligible for reimbursement: 

5.2.1 the cost to purchase a device; and

5.2.2 the cost of a plan, set up fees or monthly access fees for a device.
5.3 Personally-owned devices can be used to access University systems and to store University data only if the following safety measures are taken: 

5.3.1 The “Lock Code” feature is activated and the code is changed periodically.

5.3.2 The “Erase Data” or other wipe feature is activated to allow automatic wiping of the device after ten or fewer unsuccessful attempts to gain access to the device.


6.1 Use of a University-owned device for personal reasons is permitted for data and messaging services within Canada, for local phone calls, and for long distance phone calls covered by the long distance plan, if any, that is on the phone provided the employee authorizes a regular deduction from his or her pay calculated as provided in section 6.2 below.
6.2 The signing authority or the countersigning authority, as the case may be, will review, if possible, two monthly bills for the device and based on those bills, and the criteria set out in Appendix B, will establish an appropriate payroll deduction to cover the employee’s personal use (see Appendix A for rates, which rates will be changed by the Controller from time to time).

6.3 The payroll deduction established pursuant to section 6.2 above can be terminated either by the employee or by the University at any time.
6.4 Once each 12 months on request by the Procurement Manager, the rate established in accordance with section 6.2 above must be reviewed and either changed or confirmed by the signing authority or the countersigning authority, as the case may be.

Appendix A