5Q with biochemistry and Commerce student Rob Baxter | Mount Allison


5Q with biochemistry and Commerce student Rob Baxter

17 Jun 2016

Rob_main1- What made you decide to do a double major in biochemistry and Commerce?

Originally I wanted to do physiotherapy after I graduated and this involves owning your own clinic, so I thought Commerce would be a good thing to have to go along with that. It fit really well with my plans and it seemed like something relatively simple, to do one more year, and get a second degree. My roommate in third-year was staying a fifth year to play his last year of football and wanted to make it worthwhile. He figured out that he had most of the credits for a Commerce degree, so I got the idea from him.

2- What are you working on this summer for your Business of Science internship?

In 2012 the Commerce and Science faculties ran a workshop for students where they listened to presentations from chemistry, biology, and computer science professors on their research and the different ways it could be applied commercially. Then students split into teams with equal numbers of Science and Commerce on each and developed business plans on how to take one of these research ideas and commercialize it. The first part of my internship is to write a manual that can be used to run this workshop. My vision takes it a little beyond the original idea by having students partner up with business people and entrepreneurs. The business people would supervise each team. I also have some ideas for other activities. The next step will be to develop a plan to make this into a case competition.

3- How do you manage playing football with your schoolwork and extracurricular activities?

I thrive when I don’t have a lot of time. Football is a big time commitment. Our practices are just over two hours and you have an hour of meetings beforehand. It can end up being four hours out of my day. I go to class, I go to practice, I study, eat, and sleep during football season. I have more time in the second semester. I was on the executive for Mounties in Motion — a group of students that go to the middle school to tutor and play ball hockey with kids. I am also now part of ENACTUS — a group that works to improve the world by developing entrepreneurial projects. It is cool because you basically get to run mini businesses and practice your business skills.

4- What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I originally planned on doing physiotherapy, but I really like the business/entrepreneurial side of the things I am doing for my internship and with ENACTUS. I am now thinking of doing an MBA. There is also a company in Halifax that I would love to work for, where I think my degrees in science and business would be very useful.

5- What is your favourite thing about Mount Allison?

There is not just one thing. There are a lot of little things that make it an awesome experience. I have made a ton of friends here who I am going to miss. I am going to miss football. I have had some really cool opportunities, such as the internship, and I have always really liked Sackville.

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