5Q: Khandra Barrett (’22), International Centre summer co-ordinator

30 Jul 2019

Khandra is a second-year student from Montego Bay, Jamaica completing a degree in chemistry with a minor in biochemistry.

Khandra_Barrett_web1. What is your summer internship?

I am working in the International Centre as the International Centre summer co-ordinator. My task is to assist the International Centre with any projects it has, manage its social media, and create new website content. A huge part of my job is gathering student stories from international students and showcasing them to the world.


2. What do you hope to take away from this experience?

I hope to gain as much experience from this as possible. I want to further my knowledge about other cultures and also to refine my interpersonal skills. I want to end this summer with the satisfaction that I helped someone and that I made something better.


3. What are you most looking forward to next year at Mount Allison?

I can’t wait for the next semester to begin. I will be an assistant don and I am so eager to begin. I want to meet all the new residents and to help make their residence experience a memorable/safe one. I also want to get more involved on campus, so I will be joining more extracurriculars. I also want to become a mentor in the mentorship program and maybe even work on campus.


4. What made you want to study in Canada?

Ever since I was young, I have wanted to travel the world and Canada was always at the top of my list. When it was time to apply for university, I knew this was where I would choose. I had all the freedom to travel, immerse myself completely into the Canadian culture, and further my education. It is way better than just coming for vacation, the experience is different. I have enjoyed the low-key adventures, getting lost in a snowstorm, impromptu adventures, travelling with friends, meeting new people from different cultures, and staying up until two in the morning discussing with friends how unprepared yet ready you are for exams the following morning.


5. What advice would you give to international students who are coming to Mount A for the first time?

Be yourself and never forget who you are. University is such a fun time, and with such a diverse student population, there is always something for someone. But while enjoying the freedom, never lose sight of your values and the reason why you are here. Be open to new experiences, new adventures, and even downfalls. It’s a learning experience after all. Oh, also it is really cold here, so be prepared! But the key to surviving the winter is to embrace it. Go and learn a new winter sport, have snowball fights with friends.


Bonus: What is the best part of spending the summer in Sackville?

The best part about summer in Sackville is seeing and enjoying all the things I overlooked during the school year. Sackville has so much to offer and the community organizes really cool events like ‘Movies in the Park’. It is nice to chill in the park with all the locals, cozied up on a blanket and enjoying a movie. The opportunity to explore and find hidden gems and the beauty of wandering and never getting lost, that’s priceless.

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