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23 Aug 2022

SACKVILLE, NB — Over the past year, several new, and some familiar, faces have joined the Mount Allison campus in leadership roles. Three of these areas — Administrative Services, Facilities Management, and Financial Services — are currently undertaking several projects on campus to enrich the student and staff experience in spaces they live, learn, and play.
Donna Hurley — Director of Administrative Services

Donna Hurley has worked at Mount Allison for nearly 13 years in the areas of facilities management and administrative services. Hurley became the Director of Administrative Services in 2021, overseeing several areas directly related to the student and staff experience on campus. Her portfolio includes housing, residence services, dining services, conferences and events, property and leases, the bookstore, mail, printing, shipping and receiving, security, and the campus pub, The Pond.
“My values align with my work at Mount Allison,” says Hurley. “Working in post-secondary education and supporting students, faculty, and staff is very rewarding.”
Current projects Hurley has been working on this year include the renovation of Harper Hall, the reopening of Mount Allison’s small residence community, overseeing the return of more conferences and camp programs on campus, and working with departments across campus to prepare for move-in day.
But there’s a lot of work behind the scenes that comes with this portfolio
“This summer, we replaced all the laundry facilities on campus, that’s around 45 sets of washers and dryers,” says Hurley. “These are services our students living on campus use daily but aren’t always top of mind when you think about administrative services as a whole.”
Hurley studied computer science and worked in the IT industry prior to coming to Mount Allison. She also holds an MBA from l’Universite de Moncton.
Kris Kierstead — Director of Facilities Management

Kris Kierstead joined Mount Allison on Aug.1, 2022 as the new Director of Facilities Management. Kierstead takes over from Neil MacEachern who held the role for the last six years and recently retired.
Facilities Management maintains all campus buildings and grounds on the Mount Allison campus. This includes new infrastructure projects and repairs, grounds maintenance, and snow and ice removal.
Kierstead, who holds an engineering degree, recently served as director of facilities and ancillary services for the New Brunswick Community College network, which includes 22 buildings located on six campuses.
A former consulting electrical engineer, Kierstead also was the Department Head for Engineering Technology at NBCC, an experience he says gave him valuable insight on the needs of both students and faculty on a campus.
“I love working in post-secondary education,” he says. “I can tell already there’s a great team here on campus and I’m excited to continue to work towards the bigger picture of supporting Mount Allison’s academic mission and vision.”
At NBCC, Kierstead helped develop the college’s first Strategic Facilities Master Plan and a Climate Action Plan, as well as a college-wide Health and Safety Committee. He says energy efficiency and sustainability are key values for him and were a draw to Mount Allison.
“There are a lot of good energy projects happening on campus. I’m looking forward to building on these and help demonstrate sustainability both on campus and in the wider community.”
Guylaine Roy — Director of Finance-Controller

Guylaine Roy joined Mount Allison as Director of Finance - Controller in Financial Services in 2021.
Overseeing the Financial Services department, the Director of Finance - Controller ensures that the University community is provided with the necessary support through financial systems and policies to ensure effective, efficient and economical and sustainable use of resources.  Roy provides leadership and direction for the management of all of the University’s financial assets and financial reporting.  The Financial Services department advises and supports the University community on financial, risk, and procurement issues, including managing, with external partners, the University’s investments and endowment funds, identifying opportunities for additional support, and of course, paying the bills.
“Every day is different, we work with everyone on campus in some way, from assisting with research funding, financial aid, and endowment spending,” says Roy. “We are always working to spend the money we have strategically, but every job is different. All projects need their own plan and calculations.”
Prior to Mount Allison, Roy worked with a public practice accounting firm for 15 years and gained some experience in the private sector.
“I had never worked for a non-profit before but it’s a really good fit,” says Roy. “It’s evident that people really care about ‘their Mount A’ and doing their best for the place. This kind of engaged teamwork and openness to change helps support departments across campus, including Financial Services.”


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