Mountie Meals supports students in need

24 Nov 2023
New initiative where donors help provide hot and nutritious meals on campus

Mountie Meals is a new initiative where alumni and friends of the University donate funds and directly support students by providing hot and nutritious meals on campus.

Donated funds are loaded onto students’ Mountie Cards — the University ID card that is used to purchase meals and snacks at the Jennings Dining Hall, Gracie’s Café, or The Pond.

Participating students fill out an online secure form sharing they are in-need of food services. Students will also have the option to meet with the University’s Student Wellness Social Worker, Darcy Cormier, to discuss whether there are other on-campus or off-campus resources students could access.

“We are seeing an increasing number of students struggling with the rising cost of living and finding themselves unable to afford the groceries and meals they need,” says Cormier.

Darcy Cormier, Student Wellness Social Worker

Mount Allison already has a successful Food Pantry on-campus where students can come in-person and pick-up free donated groceries. Mountie Meals is meant to complement that existing service and provide an alternative for students that may be hesitant about visiting an in-person food bank service.

“Unfortunately, there can be a lot of stigma and feelings of embarrassment when someone first asks for help,” says Cormier. “I want all students to know that our campus is a caring community, and they should always feel empowered to access services and resources and counsel, whether for food insecurity or with any other challenge they are facing. I’m happy that Mountie Meals is one more way our students can access help.”

Miriam Dysart (’23) is the Post-Grad Intern with the Meighen Centre and had the idea for Mountie Meals.

Miriam Dysart (’23), Meighen Centre Post-Grad Intern

“Even as an upper-year student living in an apartment in town, my friends and I would go to meals at Jennings because it was affordable and offered a variety of nutritious and dietary options. It also means you are not alone in your apartment trying to cook something but have the chance to engage with classmates and meet friends over a meal. I wanted to make sure all students have this option.”

Mountie Meals is launching just before the fall term exam period. This timing underpins one of Dysart’s key messages.

“We know how important nutrition is to students reaching their full potential and academic success,” says Dysart. “This is the reason there are breakfast and lunch programs in schools, and I think it’s also important for us to make sure university students are getting the meals they need.”


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