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Class of 1977


Class officers

David Pos

Vice President
Susan (Oades) Hazell

Peggy McLaughlin-Ogden

John Connely

Jo Ann (Roberts) Kelly

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Save the date!

July 7-10, 2022 Mount Allison is hosting a special summer Reunion for classes ending in 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, up to 2012, plus a '70s basketball reunion.


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Class of 1977 song
To the tune of Roll Out The Barrel:

We are the swamp rats.
The last of the breed to go through.
We are the swamp rats.
We’re streakers and all things turned blue.
We are the swamp rats. Open rooms, co-eds and brew.
We’re the Class of '77. Our regards to you!

Reunion 2012

First Row: Kathleen M. Croft, Beth (Gates) Peters, Paul Berry
Second Row: Christine Sollows-Chase, Gary MacKay, John Connely, Bruce Baxter, Katy (Hubbard) Siddall
Third Row: David Pos, Sarah Jane Snook, Nancy Kurbel, Marg Peach, Peggy McLaughlin-Ogden, Christine McPartland, Debbie Porter Glenen, Gloria Jollymore, Clare Mason Grieves
Fourth Row: Jim Dickson, Johanne M. Gallant, Pam (Swift) Frauley
Fifth Row: Sue (Oades) Hazell, Kathryn Stratton, Deborah Clark, Richard Goreham, John Muirhead