The Mount Allison Brand

The Mount Allison University brand is at its core about people and community. We’re small, and that’s what makes what we do — who we are — so special. The Mount Allison experience is personalized and provides a living and learning environment for independent and creative students looking for the space to customize their academic and extracurricular experiences to establish a career path and to build meaningful relationships.

Visual identity

Institutional logo

Mount Allison's full wordmark is the University's primary visual identity.


  • full wordmark left (preferred version)
  • full wordmark centred (used when centred is more visually appealing)
  • full wordmark stacked (used when horizontal space is restricted)

Download logos

How to use our logo (pdf)


Official colours consists of garnet and gold, adopted in 1886. Supporting colours include light grey and dark grey.

CMYK 30, 95, 75, 30
RGB 137, 36, 50
HEX/HTML #892432

CMYK 5, 26, 100, 27
RGB 184, 145, 18
HEX/HTML #B89112

LIGHT GREY (Black 35%)
PANTONE Cool Gray 5C
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 35
RGB 180, 180, 180
HEX/HTML #b4b4b4

DARK GREY (Black 75%)
PANTONE Cool Gray 10C
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 75
RGB 100, 100, 100
HEX/HTML #646464


Specific fonts have been chosen to ensure consistency across all communication materials.

Primary fonts

Secondary fonts


Photography is an ideal way to showcase Mount Allison, its students, and its faculty and staff. Looking for photos? Visit our image library:

Branding and creative design resources

Members of the Mount Allison community can access more branding resources, including departmental logos, templates, style guides, and project request forms on the Faculty & Staff Gateway — Communications Support (login required).

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