Matt Litvak

Flemington Room 122


B.Sc. Hons. Biology, York University, 1981.

M.Sc. Zoology, University of Toronto, 1984. Thesis entitled "Food Habit, Niche Breadth and Overlap In A Southern Ontario Cyprinid Community".

Ph.D. Zoology, University of Toronto, 1990 Thesis entitled "Predator Avoidance, Foraging Behaviour and Social Transmission of Information in Fish Shoals."


Biology 2701 - Introductory Design and Statistical Analysis, Fall

Biology 3401 - Animal Behaviour, Fall

Biology 4903 - Current Advances in Biology, Fall

Biology 3371 - Principles of Aquaculture, Winter

Biology 4903 - Current Advances in Biology, Winter


  • Fish ecology, behaviour and ecophysiology
  • Spatial ecology and modelling
  • Conservation
  • Aquaculture
  • Gene banking