Monique LeBlanc

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Crabtree 210B
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Hi there! I'm one of the lab instructors in the Psychology Department and my role is to support the professors and to help students develop some of the more applied skills related to obtaining a psychology degree at Mount Allison.  In labs, students learn and practice skills such as how to conduct research studies, how to use the American Psychological Association (APA) format to write about research, and how to find, read, and interpret research journal articles.

I've been interested in psychology since my second year at Mount Allison University, when I took the Introduction to Psychology course by correspondence.  I graduated from Mount Allison with Honours in Psychology (my thesis was in Sociocognitive psychology) and completed my Master's degree at Laurentian University in a program called "Child and Human Development," a unique program that combines three disciplines: Psychology, Sociology, and Human Movement.


Porelle, M., Bourque, P.-É., Cormier, P., Morrisson, W., Bradshaw, D., & Perry, M.  Effets à moyen terme du programme d'intervention précoce du Moncton Headstart.  Poster presented at the annual meetings of the Canadian Psychological Society, Ste-Foy, Québec, June 22-24, 2001.

Bourque, P., Bradshaw, D., Cormier, P., Morrison, W., & Perry, M. (2000). Moncton Headstart: Evaluation Outcome of an Early Family Intervention Project: Final Report.  Unpublished report prepared for Department of Justice National Crime Prevention Centre Investment Fund.

Arsenault, M. (1997).  Children's Emotional Communication: The Development of Preschoolers' Ability to Relate Stories About Emotional Drawings. Master's Thesis, Laurentian University, Ontario.

Slugoski, B. R. & Arsenault, M. (1992, July).  Social tuning vs. cognitive dissonance as means of attitude change in a forced-compliance situation. Poster presented at the Joint Meeting of the Society for Experimental Social Psychology and the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology, Leuven, Belgium.


Mount Allison University, BSc with Honours in Psychology (1992)

Laurentian University, MA in Child and Human Development (1997)


Lab Instructor

Psychology 2201: Cognitive Processes

Psychology 2011: Research Design and Analysis II

Psychology 3201: Memory

Lecturer I

Psychology 1001: Introduction to Psychology I (Correspondence)

Psychology 1011: Introduction to Psychology II (Correspondence)