How much will university cost?

To estimate how much your first year of university will cost, it's important to consider costs beyond your tuition fees, including books, living costs, meals, and more.

The following estimates reflect a typical amount you could expect to pay per year as an undergraduate student with a full course load to a maximum number of courses allowed.

You can estimate your university budget for your first year of study based on our 2024-25 tuition and fees:

Full-time undergraduate Canadian students international students
Tuition $10,320 $20,810
Residence (single room) and unlimited meal plan $14,490 $14,490
Student fees $1,455 $1,455
International student basic medical coverage N/A $785
Books and supplies (estimate) $2,500 $2,500
ESTIMATED TOTAL* $28,765 (CAD) $40,040 (CAD)

*These estimates are guides only.

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For aviation students

For students intending to major in Aviation.

First-year students pay Mount Allison tuition and fees only.

Once your ground school and flight training begins (typically in your second year), your tuition is a blend of Mount Allison tuition and MFC Training tuition.

All flight training takes place at the MFC Training campus in Dieppe, an easy 25-minute drive from Sackville. You're required to provide your own transportation between the two campuses. This is not included in your tuition and fees.

For more info, visit tuition, fees, and payments.

When are tuition and fees due?

For full-time students, tuition and fees are due at the beginning of each term:

Fall term

  • 50% of your tuition and student fees
  • 70% of your residence and meal plan fees
  • 100% of your orientation fee (for new students only)
  • Minus your registration deposit
  • Minus your housing deposit

Winter term

  • 50% of your tuition and student fees
  • 30% of your residence and meal plan fees

Deposits: pay your registration deposit and a housing deposit (if living in residence) for the upcoming fall/winter terms in the spring.

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Are you a part-time student or a grad student? Visit tuition, fees, and payments for more information.