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Visiting exchange student application

If you're a student from one of Mount Allison's partner institutions, you're eligible to come to Mount Allison as an exchange student for a semester or a full academic year.

You'll receive credit towards your home degree and continue to pay tuition and fees at your home university. Visit international exchange programs for a list of our partner universities.

Have you been nominated by your home university?

You must first be nominated as a tuition-waver exchange student by the study abroad or exchange advisor at your home university before you can submit this application.

length of exchange nomination deadline application deadline
Full academic year April 15 May 15
Fall term April 15 May 15
Winter term Sept. 15 Oct. 15

Additional documents

Please remember to send to following documents to

  • Official academic transcripts from your home university (in English)
  • Description of grading system at your home university (in English)
  • If English is not your first language, proof of English proficiency (TOEFL 90, IELTS 6.5) — this is not required if you've been studying at one of our partner universities whose primary language of instruction is English

Before you begin to fill in this form, make sure you have:

  • a list of courses in which you are currently enrolled
  • a list of courses you intend to take at Mount Allison (including course code and course name)

* Indicates required field

Part 1 — Personal information

Contact information

Enter the date of birth in the following format: yyyy-mm-dd (year/month/day)


Section 2 — Academic information and course selection

Please list the courses you are currently enrolled in at your home university, if they do not appear on your most recent transcript.
List the courses you are currently enrolled in
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Taking courses at Mount Allison

Please list the academic term or year you want to attend Mount Allison, and the list of courses you intend to take.

To view a list of courses that are offered during the term that you intend to study at Mount Allison as an exchange student, visit our course timetables.

Please note that visiting exchange students can take upper-year courses at Mount Allison provided they have the appropriate prerequisites from their home university. Our international affairs co-ordinator can assist you with getting permissions. For courses with no prerequisites, you can register as soon as you are admitted to Mount Allison.

Academic term or year of application for exchange

Choose the academic term or year you'd like to attend Mount Allison. Only the terms currently available are listed.
The course calendar for the next academic year becomes available in April so it is recommended that exchange students complete their application after the course calendar is published.  Exchange students may use previous course timetables to select courses to add to their application, but please note that course options change from year to year and courses may not be available in the term that they will be at Mount Allison on exchange. Students will only be registered in courses once they have received an acceptance letter and have paid the $250 CAN registration deposit. Typically exchange students who will come for the fall term or the full academic year will be registered in courses in July and students who will come for the winter term will be registered in November/December. The international affairs co-ordinator will assist exchange students with the course registration process and will contact students once they have paid their deposit to confirm their course list.
Please note, exchange students may take courses in multiple programs and subjects while at Mount Allison. They are not limited to one faculty or program. Students can mix and match courses based on their interests; however, students must have appropriate prerequisites. This means that students must have taken a similar course at their home university. All Bachelor degrees at Mount Allison University are four-year programs and students typically declare a major and a minor after their second year. Typically, first year courses at Mount Allison start with the number 1, second year courses start with the number 2, third year courses start with a 3 and fourth year courses start with a 4.
Please note: a normal course load per term is five courses. Please list both the course code and course name (i.e. ECON 3721 Labour Economics)
Fall term (September-December)
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Please note: a normal course load per term is five courses. Please list both the course code and course name (i.e. ECON 3721 Labour Economics)
Winter term (January-April)
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