About the Mount Allison Alumni Association

The Mount Allison Federated Alumni was founded in 1937 with the merger of the Alumnae Society of the Mount Allison Ladies' College and the Alumni Society of the Mount Allison College and Academy with the purpose of maintaining contact with the alumni and friends of Mount Allison, for the benefit of the University.

The Alumni Association supports and develops programs and services that create a meaningful experience for alumni, keeping you connected with your fellow alumni and the Mount Allison community.

The Alumni Association operates through members-at-large, as well as:

Alumni Board of Directors

The Alumni Association is governed by the 15 members of the Board of Directors.

Class officers

Class officers are the vital link between their class, the Alumni Engagement Office, and the University.

Alumni representation

The Mount Allison Alumni Association has representatives on both the Board of Regents and the University Senate.

Alumni Engagement Office

The Alumni Engagement Office supports alumni activities near and far, and provides services to alumni.

Get involved!

Your involvement in the Mount Allison Alumni Association is vital. Your ideas, suggestions, questions, and comments are always welcome!

Please feel free to e-mail your feedback to us anytime at alumni@mta.ca, and take a moment to find out more about volunteer opportunities.