The Registrar's Office gathers information about your enrolment, as well as your academic and financial records.

Request official documents

Official documents are available to current students and alumni. Official letters and documentation are confidential and can only be released by request from the individual student or alumnus/a.

Confirmation of enrolment

Students who require confirmation of their enrolment status at Mount Allison can produce a confirmation of enrolment letter using the form on Self-Service.

Students can produce a confirmation of enrolment letter from a list of options for a past term (FA or WI) or academic year (FW) or the current term or academic year.

The enrolment letter produced in Self-Service:

  • features Mount Allison University letterhead
  • uses data directly from your student record
  • is considered official by third parties

Note: if the confirmation of enrolment letter through Self-Service does not accurately reflect what you believe to be your enrolment status, please notify and make your request using the online confirmation of enrolment form.

The enrolment letter produced in Self-Service is not suitable for:

  • government student loan forms
  • study permit applications*
  • documents issued by a third party with a section that must be completed and signed by MtA. If this is required, please come to the registrar's office on the second floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre to have these forms completed or send the forms by attachment to or by fax to 506-364-2272 

If you require a confirmation of enrolment letter that also includes a statement verifying your anticipated date of graduation, please make your request using the online form.

In the 'additional notes' field please be sure to note that you require your anticipated date of graduation in the body of the letter.

*Please note: If you require a confirmation of enrolment letter for a study permit application and need the Designated Learning Institution number listed please be sure to include this information in the 'additional notes' field of the online request form.


Transcript requests

Students can have their transcripts sent outside the University on payment of a fee. All transcript orders must be placed by the transcript holder using Self-Service.

If you do not have a Self-Service account, you can use the transcript request form (fillable pdf).

Telephone orders for transcripts cannot be accepted.

Partial transcripts are not issued.

Those requesting transcripts should be aware that at certain peak periods it may take approximately two weeks to process a transcript order.

Privacy of transcripts

A student's transcript of record is privileged information to be provided to those outside the University with care and at the discretion of responsible officers of the University. Students may request that transcripts be revealed to no one outside the University without written permission.

Release of consent to a third party

Specific student information may be released to a third party only upon receipt of written authorization from the student as specified on the release of information consent form.  

In order to grant consent for the release of student information, the student must complete, date and sign the release of information consent form (fillable pdf).

This release can include academic or financial information but will never include disclosure of the student’s username or password for Mount Allison accounts.

The form may be submitted directly from the student's Mount Allison email account to Consent can be revoked by the student at any time in writing.

Duplicate or replacement diploma

A duplicate or replacement diploma may be issued if you provide evidence by affidavit or statutory declaration that the original diploma has been destroyed or is no longer in existence.

If a replacement diploma is requested in a different name from that on the original diploma, the original diploma shall be returned.

If the present signing officers are the same as for the original diploma, a new diploma marked DUPLICATE or REPLACEMENT DIPLOMA may be issued.

If the signing officers have changed, the duplicate or replacement diploma may be issued with the original signing officers' names printed in and a note added below to state the diploma is a duplicate or replacement. This note is to be signed by the President.

A fee is charged for this service.

Contact or call (506) 364-2269.


Academic student forms

The following forms are used to support various tasks associated with your student records and academics.


Permission request form (located in Self-Service)
To request special permission from an academic dean or registrar (or direct delegate) for issues such as, but not limited to, overloading, late withdrawal from a course, later registration in a course, etc.

Challenge for Credit form
Challenge for credit is available only in courses which have been recommended by academic departments or programs and approved by Senate for this purpose. Currently only available for Math 1111.


Only available during appeal period:

Academic standing appeal form
To appeal placement on academic suspension or dismissal.

Re-admission appeal form
To be submitted by students whose appeal of their placement on academic suspension or dismissal was denied.

Scholarship renewal appeal form
To be submitted by students who were not successful in renewing their Mount Allison scholarship and who have extenuating medical or other circumstances that may justify reconsideration.


Letter of Permission Request
To request a letter of permission to complete a course at another university for Mount Allison credit (excluding approved Mount Allison study abroad or exchange programs).

Re-Admission Application
To apply for re-admission following a period of time away your studies at Mount Allison (if you have previously completed a Mount Allison degree, please submit the application for readmission following graduation).

Re-Admission Following Graduation
Application to apply for readmission following graduation from Mount Allison to do one of the following: complete a second degree program, complete an honours certificate, upgrade previous coursework, complete additional coursework.

Graduate Studies Application
To apply for admission to Mount Allison's graduate studies programs.

GAP Student Reactivation Form
To reactivate your admission and applicable scholarship after a gap year.


Exam Accommodation Request Form
Please confirm if an exam accommodation may be granted for your particular exceptional circumstance prior to submitting this form.

Special Exam Application
Allows a fourth-year student to request a special exam as outlined in section 10.8.6 of the academic calendar.

Application for Re-Read
To request a re-read of the final exam and/or written material not marked and returned to the class before the last day of the final exam.


Application for graduation
To be completed by students intending to graduate in the Spring or October Convocations.

Prospective grad list problem form
To report issues with the prospective grad list.

My degree

Request to pursue studies in Aviation
This form is intended for students requesting a change of degree program to pursue studies in aviation as well as BA, BSc or BComm students who did not declare their intention to pursue aviation at the time of admission to the University.

Change of Degree Request
To request a change in degree program.

Declaration of Major/Minor
To declare, add, or change your major and/or minor.

Declaration to Pursue Honours
To be completed by third-year students who intend to complete an honours program.

Declaration to Pursue an Undergraduate Certificate
To be completed by students who intend to complete an undergraduate certificate.

Declaration to Pursue ICPC Program option for flight training
This form is intended for Aviation students to declare their intention to complete flight training via the ICPC program offered by MFC Training.

Degree Audit Forms
To confirm you are on track to complete all requirements for your program of study.

Withdrawal requests

Withdrawal Request (located in Self-Service) 
To be completed by students intending to withdraw from the university and/or from residence.

Looking to change your personal information such as your mailing address or your name?

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