Travel registration for students | Mount Allison

All Mount Allison students are required to complete this travel registration form prior to their departure.

The earlier a student can complete this form, the better; however, all logistical information will need to be confirmed prior to completing the form therefore, please complete the form once your travel details have all been finalized.

Registration of international travel is required to assist in the event of an emergency. In significant international emergencies, natural disasters, or terrorist attacks, it allows the University to communicate with you and emergency contacts to determine if you need assistance.

In order to complete this form you will need the following details confirmed:

  • Program dates
  • Flight information
  • Accommodation information
  • Emergency contact at home
  • Emergency contact in-country

Questions? Contact

Before you begin to fill in this form, make sure you have:

  • emergency contact name and phone number at home and in your destination country, if applicable
  • student ID number
  • travel insurance name and policy number
  • list of specific destinations
  • flight information
  • arrival and departure dates
  • accommodation information
  • phone number and e-mail while travelling

* Indicates required field

Part 1 — Personal information

This is the person the University can release information to if there is an emergency. We also encourage you to leave a copy of your passport with your emergency contact.
You can find your student ID number on your campus card or in Connect.

Part 2 — Travel information

Please include date of departure, flight route, airline carriers, flight numbers, and times.
Select date from the pop-up calendar or enter date in the following format: yyyy-mm-dd (ex: 2022-07-09)
Select date from the pop-up calendar or enter date in the following format: yyyy-mm-dd (ex: 2022-07-09)
Please include date of return, flight route, airlines, flight numbers, and flight times. If you do not currently have a return air ticket booked, please include the date you expect to purchase your flight ticket and ensure you send this information to
Include name, address, and telephone number of location(s) where you will be staying. If you'll be staying in multiple accommodations, please add dates for each.