Applying is quick and easy

To apply to residence, you must wait until:

  • you have an offer of admission to Mount Allison
  • you have activated your email account

Ready to apply? Submit your application to live in residence through our Residence Portal. Log in with your MtA username and password.

Apply to residence through our residence Portal

Important dates

NOV. 1: Residence application opens

Once you've been accepted to Mount Allison, you can apply to live in residence in our Residence Portal.

Residence room assignment

We base your residence room assignment priority on the day you pay your registration deposit so the earlier you pay this deposit the closer you are to the top of the list for placement.

MARCH 1: Early-bird room draw

To be included in our first round of room assignments, submit the following by March 1:

  • Registration deposit
  • Residence application
  • Residence deposit

All residence applications submitted by the end of March will be included in our second round of room assignments.

After our second round of room assignments, rooms are assigned on a rolling basis.

May 1: Deadline to pay deposits

Residence accommodations are guaranteed if both your registration and residence deposits are received by May 1.

Choose your residence and room type

We want to make sure you get to live in the residence and room type that is the perfect fit for you.

For the best chance to get the residence you want:

1. Pay your registration deposit

Accept your offer of admission and scholarship by paying your registration deposit:

  • $100 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada
  • $450 for international students

We base early bird residence room assignment priority on the date you pay your registration deposit so the earlier you pay this deposit the closer you are to the top of the list for placement.

The registration deposit is due no later than May 1.

2. Pay your residence deposit

Pay your $500 residence deposit to receive your room assignment.

The residence deposit is due no later than May 1.

Early residence room assignments will be offered to students who pay both their registration and residence deposits BY MARCH 1.

Pay your deposits

Students who complete the steps required for a room assignment after the early bird assignment deadline can expect room assignments on a rolling basis once their application is submitted and they have paid their registration and residence deposits.

Students entering in January

Your room assignment will be assigned to you on a rolling basis once we have received your $100 registration deposit, $250 residence deposit, residence application and $50 residence application fee. The residence deposit is fully refundable until Nov. 20.

See section 4.2.7 of the online Academic Calendar.

Refunds for residence deposits

If you decide not to attend Mount Allison after paying your residence deposit, you can still cancel your residence room before the start of the academic term.

If you cancel your residence room, a refund of your residence deposit will be made as follows:

  • $500 by May 2
  • $250 by July 15
  • No refund after July 15

See refund schedule in section 4.2.3 of the Academic Calendar.

Off-campus housing

Securing off-campus housing may feel overwhelming. The Mount Allison Students’ Union has a number of resources to assist with your search for housing such as: 

  • Tenancy information including a housing directory 
  • A guide to renting and securing tenant insurance 
  • Information for food security and local transportation 
  • More about the town of Sackville and Tantramar region 

Visit the MASU Off-Campus Housing website.