Giving Report | Mount Allison

Giving Report 2021

To say our generous donors give to Mount Allison is of course true in form, but to say they give through Mount Allison is true in spirit.

While the diversity of contributions you will read about is sure to be inspiring and only matched by the diversity of the lives that are touched, there is a common theme that unites this edition of Mount Allison's Giving Report — the deeply-held belief that Mount Allison can be a donor's most direct and conduit for making an indelible impression on generations to come and the timeless virtues of higher education and social responsibility.

Each gift of time, support, mentorship, financial resources, and other treasures is a joyful affirmation that the surest way for us to achieve our dreams for the future is to help someone else realize their own.

On behalf of the entire Mount Allison community, our most sincere thanks.

Courtney Pringle-Carver
Vice-President, University Advancement
Mount Allison University
By the numbers
Donor list

Mount Allison is proud to recognize the following alumni and friends who have generously donated $25,000 or more — in some cases, much more! — during their lifetime:


Alcan Aluminum Limited
Thomas and Suzanne Allan
Charles Frederick Allison
Amirix Systems
Derek Anderson
Hugh Anson-Cartwright
E. Louise Arnett
Marjorie Atkinson
Atlantic Tractors & Equipment Ltd.
Atlantic Wholesaler Ltd.
Clement Avard
Agnes Bailey
Violet Bailly
Louise Bamford
Bank of Montreal
Ross and Helen Barclay
Joan M. Barker
The Barnhill Family
Robert V. Barritt
Ruby Barter
Dr. Grant A. Bartlett
William H. Barton
Maurice Bateman
Nancy J. Bateman
Charles E. Beall
Nan Haley and Clifford Belding
Max Bell Foundation
Michael Bell
Marjorie Young Bell
Ralph Pickard Bell
Daryl and Jewell Bennett
Marion Bennett
Firman and Nancy Bentley
Birks Family Foundation
David Bishop
Olga Bishop
J.L. Black and Sons Limited
Bruce Blandford and Ron Atkinson
J. Armand Bombardier Foundation
David and Betty-Jo Booth
Bessie Borden
Ian and Heather Bourne
Aurora Bourque
Bowater Mersey Paper Company
David and Daphne Bowra
John and Judy Bragg
Olive Bragg
The Brascan Foundation
Martin and Janet Braverman
Andrew Brenton and Kerry Wood
Andrea and Charles Bronfman
Brookfield Partners Foundation
Dr. Garland P. Brooks
Elizabeth Brown
Howard Brown
Stephanie Brown
Audrey Brundage
Steven Bryniak and Nancy Grant
Christopher Buckle
David and Margaret Burchell
John Burke Family
John F. Burzynski
Tom Cadman, M.D.
CAE Inc.
Bryce S. McKiel and John C. Cairns
Hon. Catherine Callbeck
Dr. and Mrs. R.B. Cameron, OC
Bruce Campbell
Mona Campbell
Campbell-Verduyn Family
W. Peter Campbell and Family
Canada Life
Canada Trustco Mortgage Co.
Canada's Telecommunications Hall of Fame
Canadian Pacific
Errol Carruthers
Casino New/Noveau-Brunswick
Central Guaranty Trust Company
Canadian Federation of Women (CFUW) Moncton
T. Scott Chalmers
A. Irene Chapman
The Children's Educational Foundation of Canada
Paul Christie and Joan Howitt-Christie
Francis and Jean Chubb
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Amanda Clark
Andrew Clark
Edmund and Fran Clark
Frances K. Clark
Stephen and June Clark
Ellen Clarke and Steven Smith
Peter R. Classon
Clearwater Fine Foods Inc.
Ann Clipstone and Jane Ellis
Coastal Inns
The Coca-Cola Foundation
H. Reuben Cohen, C.C.
Lucille Colpitts
Alex and Rhoda Colville
David Conrad
Janet Louise Cook
Louise Cooke
Robert J. Cooney
Estate of Barbara Copp
Laurel Copp
Audrey Cornell
Clayton and Joan Coveyduck
CP Foundation
The Crabtree Foundation
H. Roy Crabtree
Laurence Cragg
Jane Craighead
The J.E.A. Crake Foundation
Bea and Purdy Crawford
Bill and Marjorie Crawford
Sarah Crawford
Suzanne Crawford and Paolo Renzi
Frederick Creighton
Glendon L. Crozier
Marion Cumming
David Cuthbertson
Allie Daley
Dascon Investments Ltd.
Dorothy and Edgar Davidson
Nanciellen Davis
Walton T. Davis
Winifred Davis
Ronald I. Dawson
Vega Dawson
Norman Deale
Christy Demont
Sandy Dewar
Diamond Construction (1961) Ltd.
Mark Dickie
James Dickson and Sara Jane Snook
Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd.
Joseph P. DiSabato
Marion W. Dixon
The John Dobson Foundation
Family of Mary Jane Dodge QC
Dominion Energy Canada
Dominion Textile Foundation
Brian and Sue Donnelly
Donner Canadian Foundation
Margaret Dunbar
Stan Dunfield
Sir James Dunn Foundation
Ivan and Margaret Duvar
Robert Eaton
Arthur Ebbutt
Echo Foundation
Ross and Susan Eddy
Ruth Eisenhauer
Deborah (Jones) Elliott
Glenn and Eleanor Ellis
Margaret Ellsworth
Employees of Emera Inc.
Alex and Margaret Fancy
Dale M. Farnham
Annie Firth
Layton Fisher
Inez and Ross Flemington
Jean and Peter Flemington
Brian and Jacqueline Fluhmann
William Fluhmann
Ronald and Frances Ford
Elizabeth Forster
Andy and Dale Foster
Fred and Elizabeth Fountain
Vivienne Fowler
Julius Frank
Douglas and Catherine Fraser
Ian and Hope (Loomer) Fraser
Fraser Inc.
Jim Fraser
Susan Fraser
Heather Gallivan
Reginald and Laura Ruggles Gates
General Electric Foundation
Genstar Development Company
Michael Gibbens and Julie Lassonde
Dennis Gill
Robert Gillies
Harvey and Judy Gilmour
William Glassey
Barbara Glenn
L.A. Goodridge
Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation
Allan and Sheila Gornall
Anna Gough
Edward and Aiko Grant
Grant Thornton LLP
Ronald Gray
Great Eastern Corporation Ltd.
Great-West Life
Dorothy M. Greenidge
A. Seth Greenwald
Gryphon Investment Counsel Inc.
Guardian Capital LP
Gulf Canada Limited
The Gunn Family
Raymond Guyatt
Pauline Hale
Cpl. Derek Hamer
Douglas Hamilton
Margaret A. (Macdonald) Hamilton
Lorna MacGillivray and William Hamilton
Virgil Hammock
George Hare
Elizabeth Harris
Marilyn and Reid Harrison
Jack Hastings
Roger Hatch
David Hawkins and Lorrie Bell Hawkins
Dorothy Heighton
Roy Hennan
Blois Hennigar
David Hennigar
Paul Henry and Jennifer Ferguson
Ronald Hesler
E.B. Hewitt
Rutherford and Frances Hickey
Susan and Tom Hierlihy
Helen Blaines Hodgson
Clinton and Kathleen Holder
Thaddeus Halownia and Gay Hansen
Ralph Hood
John D. and Katherine Hopkins
Goldwin Howard
Jol and Maura Hunter
Imasco Ltd.
Bernard and Monique Imbeault
Imperial Oil Foundation
Robert S. Inch
Inco Limited
Mary Margaret (MacKenzie) Irvine
J.D. Irving Ltd.
John E. Irving and Suzanne Farrer Irving
The Isles Foundation
Jolene Jarvis
Estate of Elaine Lois Jean
Elisabeth Jefferson
Estate of James F. Jodrey
Elizabeth (Way) Johnson
Helen Johnson
The Johnson Scholarship Foundation
Brian and Catherine Johnston
Glen and Joan Johnston
John Johnston and Tawnya White-Johnston
Lilliane Johnstone
Richard and Pamela Joho
Gloria Jollymore
Peter Jollymore
Wilford and Mildred Jonah Family Foundation
The Joyce Family Foundation
Robert G. Kay and Killam Properties Inc.
James and Elizabeth Keith
Kathleen Keith
Mary E. Keith
Garry Neill Kennedy, C.M.
Dorothy J. Kent
Matt Khoury
Elizabeth Killam Rodgers Trust
Lesmere Kirkpatrick
The KPMG Foundation
The Kresge Foundation
Barry and Arlene Kyle
The John Labatt Foundation
Chantal Laberge
Jacqueline Brien Laberge
Louise-Marie Laberge
Lafarge Canada Inc.
John and Sharon Laidlaw

Karl and Judy Larsen
The Pierre Lassonde Family Foundation
Judith Lave
Margaret and Ellsworth Lawrence
Donald Corbel Le Quesne
Richard Lea
Clifford E. Lee Foundation
J. Louis Levesque Foundation
Pauline Lewis
Louise Lingley
Orlando Linton
Ralph W. and Ruth Lister
W. Holly and E. Francis Lister
Leslie and Heather Little
Douglas Lockhead
Ninian Lockerby
Lockhart Foundation
Stephen Lockyer
David and Lynn Loewen
Donald Logan
London Life
Erna Loomis
Kenneth and Mary Lund
George J. Luste
Ralph MacAfee
Brian P. MacDonald
Chester and Sheila (Cole) MacDonald
Dorothy MacDonald
Mark, Joanne, and Dara MacDonald
Stanley H. MacDonald
Donald and Merle MacGowan
Donald John MacGregor
Frederic MacInnes
David and Elaine Borden Dickie MacIntosh
James M. MacIntyre
Samuel MacKay
Russell MacKenzie
May MacKie
Ruthven and Olive MacLean
Frances MacLellan
Brian D. MacLeod
Donald A. MacLeod and Mary Alice Ryan
Gerard & Margaret MacLeod
James A. MacMurray, LLD
Ann and Donald MacPhail
Angus and Netta MacQueen
Eleanor E. Magee
Jean W. Main
Caroline Mainguy Truesdell
Frederick C. Manning
Peter Mansbridge
William A. Manuel
Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
James and Barbara Marcolin
Maritime Beverages Ltd.
Maritime Conference Fund
Hon. Ralph Marshall CBE, JP
Estate of Richard Mattessich
McCain Foods Limited
The McCain Foundation
Harrison McCain Foundation
J. Scott McCain
Wallace and Margaret McCain
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
Bruce and Elizabeth McCubbin
Frances McGuire
Mary McKean
Florence and Evans McKeil
Frank and Julie McKenna
Christian McKiel
Patricia (Saunders) McKinna
William McLaggan
The McLean Foundation
T. R. Meighen Family Foundation
Meloche Monnex Financial Serives Inc.
Jeffrey Miller
Patricia Miller
Estate of Reg Miller
Peter Millman
Fred C. and Patricia Mills
Katherine V. Mills
Minogue Medical
Margaret T. Mitton
Molson Canada
The Molson Foundation
Jean Mooney
Moosehead Breweries Limited
J.P Morgan and Co. Incorporated
Alastair A. Morrison
Charles S. Morton
Harry S. Morton
Gordon Mouland
Mount Allison Admin. Council
Donald and Robert Murray
Margaret E. Murray
New Brunswick Power Corporation
NB Regional Development Corp.
New Brunswick School Trustees
Larry and Nancy Nelson
Robert Forsyth and Margaret Fenwick Nelson
Estate of Constance Nichols
Christian Nicholson
Craig Noble and Krista McLeod
Michael and Suzanne Nolan
Noranda Inc.
Nortel Networks
Nova Corporations
Daniel Nowlan
Robert A. Ogilvie
Robert & Robin Ogilvie
Estate of Stewart Ogilvie
Osler Hoskin and Harcourt LLP
Ron and Carol Outerbridge
Jeffrey S. Paikin
Kenneth Palmer
Paperboard Industries Corp.
Evelyn Parlee
The Paterson Foundation
John Paterson
Mildred Patterson
Margaret Peake
Lloyd T. Pearce
Blanche Peppard
Campbell Pickard
Thomas D. Pickard
Helen Plummer
Helen Pottle
Herbert and Muriel Pottle
Power Corporation of Canada
Christopher Pratt CC
Mary F. Pratt
Maurice Price Foundation
Estate of Carol Proctor
June-Ray and Ted Pulford
William Quinn
Rad Enterprises Ltd
Radford Grelowski Family
Jill C. Rafuse
Dr. Charles G. Rand
RBC Financial Group
David Read
Sandy Reeves
James Reid
John G. Reid
Dianne L. Reid Rolf
Cambria and Brian Reinsborough
Frederick Rice
JHM and Pauline Rice
Estate of Charlotte Richards
Rigel Shipping Canada Inc.
Robert J. and Tatiana Ritchie
Brian G. Ritchie
Cedric E. and Barbara Ritchie
Nick Ritchie and Family
Joseph and Nancy Robb
Margaret Roberts
Brenda Robertson
Donald Robertson
Ian and Rosemary Robertson
James E. Rogers
T. David Rose
Phyllis Ross
Elizabeth Rossinger
Lorraine P. Saab-Lucas
Evelyn and Dean Salsman
William and Audrey Sawdon
Lillian Schelew
The Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman Foundation
Scotia Investments Group of Companies
Mary Elizabeth Scott
Ruth and Joseph Shannon
Eleanor Sharp
Dave Shastri
Shaw Family Foundation
Douglas Shearer
Shell Canada Ltd.
Mark and Teri Sherman
Kathryn Siggins
David Silverberg
Arthur and Evelyn Simpkins
Aubrey H. and Doris M. Smith
Bradbrooke and Renée Smith
Florence Smith
Obed Smith
Philip C. Smith
David and Faye Sobey
The Sobey Foundation
Sodexho MS Canada Ltd.
Edgar Sparkes
Nada Sparks
Janet and Terry Sparling
Pauline and Albert Spatz
Samuel Sprott
Muriel R. Squires
Micah Stairs
Gordon and Kathryn Stanfield
Margaret Stanford
George F. and Ruth L. Stanley
Dennis Starritt
Catherine Steele
Lea Steeves
Don Stevenson
David Stewart and Susan Amos
Stone-Consolidated Inc.
Stora Port Hawkesbury Limited
Ronald and Barbara Strange
Robert and Susan Summerby-Murray
Sun Life Financial
Hugh Sutherland
Willard and Ann Sutherland
Laurence Kent Sweeney
Roger and Trudy Taylor
TD Bank Group
Frank and Joan Thomas
Richard S. Thompson
John Thorburn
Estate of Dorothy E. Thorne
Mary Rand Tracy
Trimark Investment Management Inc.
Marc Truitt and Laura Snyder
Gabriel Tsampalieros
Edmund B. Tucker
William Tucker
Dorothy Turner
G.R. Underwood
United Church of Canada
Mervyn A. Upham Family
Hans vanderLeest
Pravin K. and Indu Warma
Mary Vaughan
Annette M. Verschuren
Arthur and Gertrude Vincent
Nancy Vogan
Joerg and Michele von Beckmann
The Walker Wood Foundation
R. Sterling Walls
Wandlyn Inns Limited
Jean Ward
G. Kingsley Ward
Michael Waring
Paul Warner
Grace Weaver
Enid Webber
Estate of Enid Webber
Eric T. Webster Foundation
R. Howard Webster Foundation
Alice Weddall
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
Ray and Jennifer Wheeler
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
Andrew H. Wilkes
Helen M. Wilks
The Wilson Foundation
John Wilson
The Windsor Foundation
Robert and Susan Winsor
J. Peter Winters
Robert and Peggy Winters
Wittington Investment Ltd.
Emily Wood
Donald and Helen (Drew) Woods
Estate of Marian L. Worthen
Don Wright
H.S. Wright
Michael Wu
Wu Yee Sun Charitable Foundation
Torrance Wylie
Kenneth Young
A. Stuart Young
Winnifred and Fred Young
Anonymous (25)

Legacy Society

Giving to Mount Allison through your estate plans shows your confidence in the University — not just today but over the long-term.

Our deepest appreciation goes to the members of the Mount Allison Legacy Society:

Dr. Dorothy J. Armstrong
Janet Veniot Ayer
A. Victor Badian
Janet C. Bain
Gabrielle R. Becker
Bruce Blandford and Ron Atkinson
Garland P. Brooks
Dr. Randall and Diane Brooks
Rebecca C. Brown
Ian F. Cameron
Keltie Campbell
Carol Anne Carlyle
Dr. Sandra Carrigan
Daniel B. Chadwick
Steve Clark
Marion E. Clarke
Ann Clipstone
Sheila Cole-MacDonald
Louise Cooke
David Cuthbertson
Judi Denison
Robert DeWolfe
Carol A. Drury
Stan Dunfield
Gary Foshay
Lorne M. Fox
Catherine and Doug Fraser
John French
Richard Fulford
Nancy Gilbert
Harvey and Judy Gilmour
David Greenwood
John M Grew, CM
Robert F. Gunn
Dr. George Hale
Berniece M. Halliday
Rosemary Harrington
Marilyn and Reid Harrison
Sharon Hart
Rev. Dr. Brent L. Hawkes
Jol and Maura Hunter
George Inman
Richard and Pamela Joho
Glenn Josephson
Shaun Keyes
Judith Lave

Jane Lemon
Aileen Lewis
Dr. Diana Locke
Earle Lockerby
Dr. Frank Lovely
Kenneth Lund
Douglas and June MacEachern
Margaret Machum
Catherine MacKenzie
John A. D. MacKinnon
Brian MacLeod
Donald MacLeod
Albert Lou Medynski
Dr. John R. and Vida C. Mercer
Sadie Miller
Michael I. Mohammed
Kathleen Morrell
Alastair A. Morrison
Margaret Murray
Michael and Suzanne Nolan
Terry North
Mary C. Alston Parewick
Bryan K. Parker
Donald W. Patterson
Joan Peggs
Helen Pottle Wesanko
Margaret Pullin
Jill (Hemeon) Rafuse
Ivan and Sheila (MacKinnon) Richardson
Carol Jane Robertson
Keith M. Rogerson
Roger & Geraldine Roy
Elizabeth M Saunders
Romer Shewchuk
Alberta Smith
Vincent Stephen Smyth
Kathryn and Gordon Stanfield
E. Nancy Stevens
Judith Symes
Brian and Barbara Trenholm
Pauline S. Watkins
Elizabeth A. Wells
John R. and Patricia Williamson
Anonymous (6)

Paying generosity forward

Everett Patterson ('20) makes his first alumni gift to Mount Allison to support students.

Just two months after graduating, Everett Patterson made one of the first gifts to Mount Allison's Mountie2Mountie Financial Aid Fund — and his first gift to the University as an alumnus.

Full story

Just two months after graduating, Everett Patterson made one of the first gifts to Mount Allison's Mountie2Mountie Financial Aid Fund — and his first gift to the University as an alumnus.

"When I heard this fund was created specifically to help students struggling with the financial challenges presented by the pandemic, it was honestly a no brainer for me."

"Giving back to an institution I believe in and that gave so much to me was the least I could do," says Patterson.

Patterson graduated from Mount Allison with honours in math and physics and is now pursuing a master's at the University of Waterloo, where he is exploring black holes, quantum mechanics, and gravity. He credits the multidisciplinary education Mount Allison provided, as well as the generosity of donors, as setting him up for success in his current studies.

"I was fortunate to benefit from a number of scholarships, prizes, and awards throughout my time at Mount A that allowed me to focus on my academics and on getting involved with and giving back to the community."

When the pandemic hit, Patterson knew there were plenty of students losing jobs and not eligible for assistance programs. He wanted to help.

The Mountie2Mountie Financial Aid Fund was launched in June 2020 with a call to all alumni and friends of the University to generate $400,000 to help Mount Allison students return to campus in Fall 2020, despite the financial challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund raised $417,838 in 87 days and benefited 203 students.

"The generosity of young alumni was especially inspiring," says Marcie Meekins ('12), Mount Allison's manager of alumni giving. "When I saw the gift from Everett, it stopped me in my tracks. To see a new graduate, just out of school and trying to build the next chapter of their lives, take the time to pay it forward with a donation was just awesome."


# of students who received financial aid in 2020-21

Patterson says financial contributions, if you are able to make them, are very valuable.

"But giving doesn't need to be about money. It can be time. It can be effort. All three of those things are valuable," he says.

The Mountie2Mountie Fund will continue beyond the pandemic, offering donors a giving channel through which they can provide financial aid and experiential learning support, and have a direct and immediate impact on the lives of Mount Allison students. 

To learn more about the Mountie2Mountie Financial Aid Fund and to hear directly about the impact it had, visit Mount Allison's Mountie2Mountie page.

Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts

Lassonde Family donates $5 million in support of arts education and artistic practice at Mount Allison.

The Pierre Lassonde School of Fine Arts was officially celebrated on campus in September. Housed in the Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts, the School builds on and enriches student-artist opportunities in Canada's first Bachelor of Fine Arts program, which marked its 80th anniversary this year. The new naming was made in recognition and appreciation of the Lassonde family's generosity.

Full story

"Mount Allison's long-standing history in Canadian art and education is remarkable," says Pierre Lassonde (LLD '21), Toronto businessman and one of Canada's most-known patrons of the arts. "Our family is very proud to be supporting the Fine Arts students of Mount Allison as they shape their artistic vision and we look forward to seeing the creative impacts of future and current students and faculty in Canada and globally."

The support has enabled several new academic awards and internships for Fine Arts students, including: the Claudette MacKay Lassonde Scholarship, a $15,000 entrance award; the Gibbens Lassonde Entrance Scholarships and Performance Awards, valued at $5,000 and $7,000 named in honour of Julie Lassonde and Michael Gibbens ('93); and the Lassonde Summer Interns, funding opportunities in arts research and with the Owens Art Gallery.

The Lassonde Artist-in-Residence program will welcome interdisciplinary artist Tara Bursey to campus in 2022.

The outsized impact of this investment in Mount Allison, Fine Arts, and students will result in the next great artists and great Canadians.

Photo caption (from left to right):

  • Nasya Owens (Gibbens Lassonde First-Year Performance Award)
  • Laika Pollock (Gibbens Lassonde Performance Award: Art History and Museum and Curatorial Studies Award)
  • Annabel Carnero (Claudette MacKay Lassonde Scholarship)
  • Evelynne Marchand (Gibbens Lassonde Entrance Scholarship)
  • Pierre Lassonde
  • Nora Livesey (Gibbens Lassonde Third-Year Performance Award)
  • Jasmine Vautour (Gibbens Lassonde Third-Year Performance Award)
  • Elizabeth Farrell (Gibbens Lassonde Second-Year Performance Award)
  • Missing from the photo are the Lassonde Summer Interns: Daisy Graham (Research Intern), and Sophia Patrell (Owens Leadership Intern)

Volunteers fight isolation caused by the pandemic

Ciera DeSilva ('13) provides valuable connection during residence self-isolation.

When COVID-19 forced arriving students into self-isolation, alumni acted. One of those generous volunteers was Ciera DeSilva.

Full story

"I thought, what a weird academic year it is going to be for new students," says DeSilva. "The least I can do is connect with one of them and help give them a sense of community."

DeSilva and hundreds of other alumni signed up for AVATARS (Alumni Volunteers Acting To Assist Residence Students in Self-Isolation), which paired alumni with students in 14-day self-isolation. It was a call to action to support students' mental health and to welcome them to the Mount Allison community.

"It wasn't awkward at all," says DeSilva of virtually meeting her student from her home in BC. "During our first meeting, we talked for about an hour and the conversation just flowed as we shared interests of playing the violin, crafting, dogs, and academics."

DeSilva recently moved back to New Brunswick and hopes to soon meet her student in-person.

Between September 2020 and September 2021, the University supported 800 students in isolation.

"I think the University, throughout the pandemic, has done a good job at keeping community alive and I am happy to have played a role."

# of alumni volunteers in 2020-21

Most AVATARS were young alumni, and many were first-time volunteers with the University.

Volunteerism is at the core of our Mount Allison alumni community.

If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact the Alumni Engagement Office at or 1-866-890-6318.

Making unique learning possible

Sam Imbeault ('12) invests in success of Mount Allison students through mentorship program.

After a decade in Toronto, and a successful career in finance and capital markets, Sam Imbeault was ready to return home to New Brunswick and discover ways he could invest in both business in Atlantic Canada and in the success of Mount Allison students.

Full story

After a decade in Toronto, and a successful career in finance and capital markets, Sam Imbeault was ready to return home to New Brunswick and discover ways he could invest in both business in Atlantic Canada and in the success of Mount Allison students.

Imbeault launched High Tide Capital, a private investment fund, and after working closely with Dr. Nauman Farooqi, Mount Allison's Dean of Business and Social Sciences, created a work-integrated learning opportunity where four top students earned academic credit while working as High Tide Capital analysts.

"The University is grateful for Sam and other alumni who make a gift of their time to mentor and who contribute to student life and experiential learning," says Farooqi.

Imbeault is a big advocate for Atlantic Canada and for Mount Allison.

"I'm really happy we could make these student experiences happen," he says.

Imbeault appreciates Mount Allison's willingness to collaborate, think outside the box, and do something different — all while being guided by high academic requirements.

"It was an opportunity to better prepare students for the transition into the workplace and ensure they had the industry-specific technical skills they needed."

Imbeault met with students regularly to discuss progress. Once a month, the team would meet for three to four hours and take a 'deep dive' into a particular topic they thought could use extra attention beyond what students get in a regular classroom setting.

"It was a great opportunity," says Commerce student Nathan Robichaud, who researched and analyzed business opportunities within his home province of Nova Scotia. "It's inspiring that Sam would want to teach students 10 years younger than him and selfless of him to have given back as much as he has to set up four kids for career success."

Imbeault and Robichaud have another connection — they are both recipients of the Frank H. Sobey Award for Excellence in Business Studies, which acknowledges top business students in the region. Imbeault won the award in 2011 and Robichaud in 2021.

"Winning the Sobey really validates all the hard work you've done and it's a great networking group," says Robichaud, who is also the recipient of a Bell Scholarship, among Mount Allison's most prestigious entrance awards.

Providing students with more experiential learning opportunities is a Mount Allison priority — and alumni and friends are key to our success.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact the Alumni Engagement Office at

Did you know?

Nathan Robichaud was also the winner of The Pitch 2021 — a Dragon's Den-style event on campus — for his business plan, Borealis Seafood, which proposes methods to consolidate the Jonah crab market in the Atlantic provinces and work to divest Jonah crab from its primary use in bait shops into shellfish processing plants.

This competition was generously funded by the Venture Space MtA Entrepreneurial Thinking Incubator powered by TD Ready Commitment.

Frank McKenna School

The Frank McKenna School of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics was officially established at Mount Allison this year.

"The world we live in today needs collaborative solutions. Our society needs more world-class 'generalists', people who have some background in economics, a philosophical base, and an understanding of politics at large," says McKenna (LLD '91). "This program brings all of that together, along with exceptional teaching and experiential learning opportunities for students."

Full story

To date, $6.2 million has been raised from a number of donors across Canada, including McKenna and his family, who contributed a leadership gift of $1 million, and inspired others to give.

The Frank McKenna School of PPE provides new scholarly activity and support for students. This includes new scholarships and bursaries, internships, and research opportunities for current and future PPE students.

2021-22 scholarship recipients include Alexis Russell, Martha Pitre, Michael Nolan, and Jasmine Tremblay.

"The PPE academic program is a very challenging one but Mount Allison students have continuously risen to and exceeded my [and my colleagues'] expectations," says Dr. Dave Thomas, politics and international relations professor and the School's inaugural convener. "The establishment of the McKenna School will help provide more opportunities to students through scholarships, internships, and other experiential learning options, both on campus and abroad. I am excited to be part of this growth in this new role."

Established in 2013, Mount Allison's Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program is one of only three in the country, offering students the opportunity of a multidisciplinary immersion in these academic areas.

Visit our Frank McKenna School page for more on the program.

McCain Scholars

Distinctive McCain scholarships support students and honour members of the Margaret and Wallace McCain family.

Thanks to the vision and philanthropy of The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain, the McCain Scholar awards will support not only emerging scholars, but emerging seekers, do-ers, inventors, activitists, and leaders.

Full story

The McCain Scholars are a suite of new and distinctive scholarship awards for undergraduate students.

"I am pleased to be able to help attract, recognize, and encourage Mount Allison students through the McCain Scholars," says The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain.

"The complex world in which we live needs leaders who approach challenges and opportunities with broad perspectives, innovative ideas, grit, and resilience. I have confidence that McCain Scholars will be among these leaders in our communities, our institutions, in our country, and around the world."

The renewable awards, each valued at $10,000 annually, were awarded for the first time this year to five incoming students and will eventually support up to 20 McCain Scholars annually from all years of study. These scholarships are among the leading and most prestigious student awards at Mount Allison.

The 2021-22 recipients are (L-R): Laurena Lord, Quinn McManaman, Marie Fogarty, Hana Stiles, and Heidi Atto.

If you are interested in establishing a new scholarship or bursary to support Mount Allison students, contact Executive Director of Development Jeff Wright at

Mountie Up fund raising campaign surpasses goal

Student-athletes complete 24,000 pushups in 24 hours to raise funds for athletics in replacement of annual homecoming golf tournament.

In 2021, in the absence of inter-university competitions due to the pandemic, Mounties student-athletes set their sights on a goal of completing 24,000 pushups in 24 hours on March 24 to raise $24,000 for Mounties Athletics and athletic scholarships.

Full story

"As we watched our student-athletes navigate through these challenging times, it really has been something to see them continue to put work in without any guarantee of when the payoff may come," says Director of Athletics and Recreation Pierre Arsenault. "For them to embrace the one thing they had control over, which is to continue to get better, is one thing we are very proud of and know our alumni and friends would be too."

Group Fitness Co-ordinator Karen Arsenault ('96) and Director of Athletics and Recreation Pierre Arsenault

Mountie Up also provided a team-building opportunity and an excuse to rally together for the common good in challenging times — furthering Mountie Pride and a commitment to excellence. With the pandemic making it impossible to gather, Mounties athletes and staff posted photos and videos of their pushups to social media to help build buzz around the campaign.

In the end, Mounties' student-athletes delivered the pushups and alumni and friends responded with amazing support. The 24,000 pushups were completed in 24 hours and 265 donors rewarded these efforts with $43,263 in scholarship funding — shattering the original goal of $24,000.

If you are interested in supporting athletics and recreation at Mount Allison through Annual Giving, please contact Manager of Alumni Giving Marcie Meekins at

Fostering the on-campus experience 

Stephanie Brown Residence Awards help support students in residence.

Stephanie Brown ('81) planned to major in English. She graduated three years later with a chemistry degree and has had a successful career in the biopharmaceutical industry, both as a chemist and in sales and marketing.

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Brown spent all three years in residence, living in Windsor and Harper Halls. She says this support network introduced her to life-long friends and enabled her to grow and explore new ways of learning.


"I really appreciated the community support and friendships I made there. I am still in touch with friends from my residence days."

# of donors who gave $1,000 or more in 2020-21

It was in part because of this experience that Brown chose to establish the Stephanie Brown Residence Awards in 2021. Designated to support upper-year students who desire to live, work, and play in the on-campus residence community, the awards, valued at $5,000 each, enable students to focus on their academic and extracurricular interests.

The 2021 recipients are Olivia Arsenault, Karen Ricketson, and Jocelyne Woodin, all from New Brunswick.

"This award encourages me to work hard in my studies and grants me with opportunities I have never imagined were possible," says Arsenault.

Brown says she is excited to support students in this way.

"Living with so many people encourages new ways of thinking," says Brown. "Gaining this kind of perspective in University, being exposed to different viewpoints and ways of doing things, these are important strengths to take into any workforce."

If you are interested in establishing a new scholarship or bursary to support Mount Allison students, contact Executive Director of Development Jeff Wright at

Building your legacy 

Sharon Hart ('60) and 19 other alumni recently included the University in their estate plans.

When alumni and friends arrange a gift to the University in their estate plans, they create a lasting personal legacy and make a powerful statement about the importance of higher education and the Mount Allison experience.

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"Last year, 20 donors arranged legacy gifts with the University," says Jeff Wright, Mount Allison's executive director of development. "We are grateful for the trust and vision of these individuals and families."

There are now almost 100 alumni who have confirmed Mount Allison is part of their estate plans. Legacy- giving provides donors an opportunity to have a transformative impact on the lives of students and the future of Mount Allison. They can often give more than they ever could during their lifetimes. They can also choose to direct their gift towards a specific priority, such as scholarships, athletics, the library, or student wellness, or may choose to make their gift in support of the University's highest priority.

"The inclusion of my alma mater in my estate planning reflects my ongoing affection for Sackville and Mount A."

Donors can also be recognized as a member of the new Mount Allison Legacy Society, receiving a small gift, invitations to select gatherings, and, with permission, recognition on the University's Donor Wall. The Legacy Society is scheduled to hold its first gathering as part of Reunion 2022.

One of the Legacy Society's first members is Sharon Hart. Hart has fond childhood memories of summer vacations visiting her grandparents in Sackville and there was little doubt that she would grow up to attend Mount Allison. Both sides of Hart's family (Harts and Weldons) have a long history with Mount Allison, with the first family member receiving a Mount Allison degree in the 1890s. A particular highlight of Hart's own time as a student was taking a course in art history taught by Alex Colville — she was delighted by the course and the teacher, and that experience contributed to a lifetime interest in art.

For more information of leaving a legacy at Mount Allison University, visit our legacy giving page.

A great sense of satisfaction 

Karl and Judy Larsen increase entrance scholarship funding for maritime students at Mount Allison.

Mount Allison has always been a special place for Karl and Judy Larsen ('66). They met at Mount Allison, earning degrees in Commerce and Arts. So did their daughter Karen ('95,'96) and son-in-law Phil ('96) Sallaj. Karen and Phil's daughter, Lauren is now in her second year studying Commerce.

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"We all feel very fortunate to have had a great experience at Mount A," says Karl. "My degree was a very good introduction into the business world and something I have relied on for a lifetime."

Karl spent a successful career in the food processing industry and served on the University's Board of Regents for 11 years. In 1984, after the passing of his father, he and his family established the H.D. Larsen Commerce Prizes in marketing and management in order to support continued excellence in the program.

In 1998, they established the Karl and Judy Larsen Scholarship Fund, providing entrance scholarships for Maritime students. This year, Karl and Judy made a major gift to enhance the number and value of the scholarships — aligning with the University's vision of increasing the number of large scholarships available to students in the region.

"Right now, particularly with the cost of education, it is critical for some students to have support to go to university. Our preference is that they give the nod to Mount A," says Karl.

The Karl and Judy Larsen Endowment now provides five students each year a $5,000 scholarship. Since its inception, the scholarship fund has helped more than 100 students attend Mount Allison.

Not only does it help financially, but we believe it also gives students a great sense of satisfaction of earning something and being recognized," says Karl. "It helps give them the right attitude and a good start coming into their program at Mount Allison."

# of new endowments established in 2020-21

This year's Karl and Judy Larsen Scholarship recipients (L-R): Laura Hubbert, Natalie Stewart, Lindsey Hood, Henna Matharu, and Alexandra Morrison.

To learn more about the University's vision of increasing the number of large scholarships available to students in the region, contact Executive Director of Development Jeff Wright at

What's next?

Milestones reached as innovation takes centre stage.

We often reflect on — and take pride in — the generation of Mount Allison alumni and their families who make our beloved university a philanthropic priority.

First, the 2020-21 fiscal year — during a pandemic — ended up being one of the best fund raising years on record at Mount Allison. Alumni, friends, and corporate partners provided over $16 million in new gifts and pledges at a time when the need was greatest. New scholarships, innovative experiential learning opportunities, early investments in the path toward a re-imagined library, and gifts supporting student wellness provided hope and inspiration across campus.

Second, this part year, the University's endowment surpassed the $200 million mark. Mount Allison University aims to be the university of choice for students seeking an undergraduate education of exceptional quality — and has over 700 endowment funds, valued at more than $215 million, which provide a strong base for funding to support the achievement of this goal.

Both noteworthy milestones help generate momentum toward the University's next major fund raising campaign that will drive innovation — in teaching and learning, student aid, student services, and key spaces and places on campus, including a re-imagined library deemed the Hub for Innovation & Learning.

Thank you for helping provide a margin of excellence that would be unattainable without philanthropic support.