Academic advising | Mount Allison

Academic advising is available to assist all new and returning students from year one to graduation.

Academic advising will help you develop education plans for achieving your goals. It includes:

  • receiving advice on academic matters
  • taking ownership of your education
  • making effective and informed decisions concerning your degree
  • connecting university experiences to personal, academic, and career goals
  • collaboration and partnership 

Students can get help planning their academics through:

  • academic advisors
  • faculty program advisors
  • career advisors

Academic advisors

Our academic advisors can help you with program plannings, degree requirements, or if you have questions or concerns about your academics.

Some issues are easily resolved via e-mail while others may require a discussion in person. Remember, advisors will be very busy during peak periods (registration) so plan ahead and book an appointment early!

Contact your academic advisor:

Sarah Cormier

Areas: BComm and BSc

Stephanie Richard

Areas: BA, BFA, BMus, and BASc

What can my academic advisor help me with?

Academic advisors can:

  • assist with course selection and registration
  • help interpret academic policies and procedures
  • help you consider options for major and minor programs
  • clarify degree and program requirements
  • assist with program planning and  tracking progress towards graduation
  • provide guidance in formulating and realizing academic goals
  • help you understand the consequences of academic decisions
  • respond to concerns related to academic performance and academic standing
  • answer your questions on academic matters and regulations
  • highlight important dates and deadlines
  • make referrals to appropriate resources
When should I meet with an academic advisor?

We suggest that you take the initiative to meet with an advisor at least once a year, and to seek advising when it is needed — whether you are struggling academically or not.

Contact an academic advisor any time you have questions or concerns about academic matters. Some issues are easily resolved via e-mail while others may require a discussion in person.

Students with a declared major or minor are strongly advised to consult with a program advisor prior to seeing an academic advisor.

Program advisors

Program advisors have particular expertise in their discipline and programs. Each academic department and program has a designated faculty member available to advise students.

Contact your program advisor

Once you've declared a major and minor, we strongly recommend you seek academic advising from a program advisor.

We also recommend you consult with program advisors as you consider your choice of major or minor.

Program advisors for 2022-2023 (effective July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023)


Arts Programs Advisor
Art History Dr. Anne Koval
Drama Studies TBD
English Dr. Janine Rogers
Fine Arts Prof. Leah Garnett
French Studies Dr. Kirsty Bell
German Studies Dr. Renata Schellenberg
Hispanic Studies Dr. Juan Carols Martinez
Japanese Studies Dr. Kirsty Bell
Dr. Tim Reiffenstein
Dr. Owen Griffiths
Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Dr. Kirsty Bell
Music Dr. Stephen Runge
Visual & Material Culture Studies Dr. Christina Ionescu


Humanities Programs advisor
American Studies TBD
Canadian Studies Dr. Andrea Beverley
Classical Studies Dr. Bruce Robertson
Community Engaged Learning Dr. Fiona Black
History Dr. William Lundell
Indigenous Studies Dr. Karl Hele
Philosophy Dr. Robbie Moser
Religious Studies Dr. Fiona Black
Women's and Gender Studies Dr. Krista Johnston


Social sciences Programs advisor
Aviation (Commerce)          Susan Sparrow
Canadian Public Policy

Dr. Mario Levesque


Dr. Jane Mullen


Dr. Carla VanBeselaere

Environmental Studies

Dr. Brad Walters


Dr. Dave Lieske


Dr. Dave Lieske

Interdisciplinary Health Studies          Dr. Ardath Wynacht
International Economics and Business

Dr. Carla VanBeselaere

International Relations

Dr. James Devine

Mathematical Economics

Dr. Carla VanBeselaere

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Politics Stream:      Dr. Mario Levesque  
Economics Stream: Dr. Stephen Law
Philosophy Stream: Dr. Robbie Moser 


Political Science

Dr. Wayne Hunt


Dr. Fabrizio Antonelli


Science programs advisors
Aviation (Science) Fraser Turner
Biology Dr. Karen Crosby
Dr. Diana Hamilton
Dr. Matt Litvak
Biochemistry Dr. Jeff Waller
Chemistry Dr. Glen Briand
Cognitive Science Dr. Genevieve Desmarais
Computer Science Dr. Liam Keliher
Data Science Dr. M.E. Messinger
Environmental Science Dr. Josh Kurek
Mathematics Dr. M.E. Messinger
Physics Dr. David Fleming (fall term)
Psychology Dr. Genevieve Desmarais
Dr. Gene Ouellette 
Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton



Arts Administration - TBD
Biopsychology - Dr. Jennifer Tomes
Canadian Arts and Culture -Dr. Andrea Beverley
Community Engaged Learning -Dr. Fiona Black
Data Analytics - Dr. M.E. Messinger
Data Management -Dr. M.E. Messinger
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion -Dr. Erin Steuter
Foundations of Health - Dr. Odette Gould & Dr. Vett Lloyd
Mi'kmaq Studies - TBD
​​​​Music Education - Dr. Stephen Runge 
Social Research Methodologies - Dr. Erin Steuter
Studies of Indigenous History - TBD
Theatre Arts - Dr. Glen Nichols
Visual Literacy and Culture - Dr. Christina Ionescu

What questions can be directed to program advisors?
  • Honours programs
  • Independent studies
  • Research opportunities
  • Graduate/professional studies 
  • Program curriculum and course content
  • Academic requirements and course options for honours/major/minor programs
  • Program planning and course selection advice
  • Complementary courses for major/honours programs which must be chosen in consultation with the program advisor

Contact your department head

In some cases, the role of department head and program advisor may be filled by the same faculty member but this is not always the case.

Department heads must approve the following:

  • Registering for a course without having the prerequisites
  • Variances in your program (e.g. replacing a required course with another)
Department heads and program coordinators


Arts and humanities Dean of Arts: Dr. Vicki St. Pierre
American Studies TBD
Canadian Studies Dr. Andrea Beverley (director)
Classics Dr. Bruce Robertson
Drama Dr. Sarah Fanning (director)
English Dr. Robert Lapp
Fine Arts Prof. Leah Garnett
History Dr. William Wilson
Modern Languages and Literatures Dr. Kirsty Bell
Music Dr. Stephen Runge
Philosophy Dr. Robbie Moser
Religious Studies Dr. Barb Clayton
Visual and Material Culture Studies Dr. Christina Ionescu (director)
Women's and Gender Studies Dr. Krista Johnson (director)
Social Sciences Dean: Dr. Nauman Farooqi

Dr. Jane Mullen


Dr. Carla VanBeselaere

Geography and Environment

Dr. Brad Walters

Interdisciplinary Health Studies          Dr. Ardath Wynacht 

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Dr. Stephen Law (acting convenor)

Politics and International Relations

Dr. Mario Levesque


Dr. Fabrizio Antonelli

Science Dean: Dr. Jennifer Tomes 
Biology Dr. Karen Crosby (acting)
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Vicki Meli
Cognitive Science Dr. Genevieve Desmarais (coordinator)
Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Geoff Cruttwell
Physics Dr. Catherine Lovekin (acting)
Psychology Dr. Gene Ouelette


Career advisors

To help you find your way from academic studies to a rewarding future, we provide group programs, individual career advising, and career resources.

For more information, visit career planning and resources.