Term Exam period when exam schedule is released
Fall 2024 Dec. 11-20, 2024 Mid-Oct.
Winter 2025 Apr. 7-16, 2025 Mid-Feb.

Your exam schedule

A personalized version of your exam schedule can be accessed in your Self-Service account under the heading 'Exam Schedule'. Please note, you may need to enable pop-ups to view the schedule.

The registrar's office provides the most up-to-date final examination information for each term. The exam schedule will be updated to reflect any changes. Please check your schedule again in Self-Service prior to the start of exams to confirm your exam dates, times, and locations.

Exam procedures and regulations

  • Picture identification (preferably student ID) is required for all students writing exams. The ID is to be placed on the table, clearly visible to the invigilator
  • Only authorized aids (including electronic devices such as programmable/non-programmable calculators and electronic dictionaries) may be used by students during the writing of an exam. 
  • No telecommunication devices (e.g., phones, tablets, computers, and wearable technology) may be used unless they are a specific component of the exam as defined by the instructor
  • No sound-recording device (e.g., wearable technology and phones) may be used during an exam
  • Any unauthorized aids including phones, wearable technology, backpacks, study notes, and textbooks should be placed at the front of the exam room
  • Students are not allowed to leave the exam room during the first half hour of writing
  • Students who need to use the washroom facilities during the exam are to inform an invigilator before leaving the room
  • All instances of academic dishonesty during examinations are subject to the procedures and sanctions contained in academic calendar regulation 10.6

Exam accommodations

Through the Meighen Centre and International Centre

Please request special academic accommodations well in advance.

Illness or compassionate reasons

Exam accommodations may be granted in exceptional circumstances. If a student cannot write their final exam as scheduled due to illness or for compassionate reasons, an exam accommodation may be granted.

To apply, you must complete the exam accommodation request form (at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible) and will be asked to provide original documentation as needed to support your application. See academic calendar section 10.8.

In what cases are exam accommodations granted?

Exam accommodations may be granted in exceptional circumstances. These may include:

  • illness
  • death/funeral of a family member
  • scheduled surgery or specialized medical appointment
  • car accident/breakdown
  • severe weather
  • religious observance

Please note that holiday and travel arrangements, work/sport/social commitments, misreading the schedule, failure to arrange transportation, arriving late to or sleeping through the exam, etc. are not grounds to request exam accommodations through the registrar’s office. In these instances, students may appeal directly to the instructor and accommodations may be granted at the instructor’s discretion.

What forms of accommodations are available?

The course instructor will decide the appropriate accommodation. This may include:

  • rescheduling the exam during the exam period
  • rescheduling the exam after the exam period (deferred exam)
  • a take-home exam
  • an essay or assignment in lieu of the exam
  • a final grade based on completed in-course work
How will I be informed if an accommodation is granted?

If your exam has been rescheduled, you will be notified by the registrar’s office by e-mail. Please note that if you do not write your exam as scheduled, a grade of ‘0’ will be submitted for the exam. 

If you have not received a response from the registrar’s office by the time your exam is scheduled, you should plan to write your exam as originally scheduled unless your circumstances prevent you from writing.

Important note: any concerns or allegations of misrepresentation of personal circumstances will be deemed to constitute an allegation of academic dishonesty and may be referred to the Academic Integrity Officer.

Other exams

Special exams

Students with fourth-year standing can apply for a special exam if all the following apply:

  • the student has failed the course three times
  • the course is required for the student’s degree program
  • there is no other option to fulfill the degree requirement
How to apply for a special exam

To apply for a special exam, students must submit the special exam application form to the registrar's office. A $50 application fee applies. The application must be approved by the registrar in consultation with the student, instructor, and the relevant academic dean.

The results of a special exam will be recorded as 'pass' or 'fail' unless otherwise decided by the registrar.


Exam invigilation

Exam invigilation for non-Mount Allison courses is offered during office hours by appointment only. Requests for invigilation must be received at least two weeks prior to the expected exam date. This service is only available to current Mount Allison students.


The cost for invigilation services is $50 per exam. 

You must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time and report to the service counter at the registrar’s office (2nd floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre.) Payment is due before you write your exam. Payment can be made by credit card, debit, cash, or cheque.

You must contact the offering university to arrange for your exam materials to be delivered on time to Mount Allison at:

Registrar’s Office
62 York St.
Sackville NB E4L 1E2 

Contact exams@mta.ca to request a time to write your exam.

Questions? Contact the Registrar's Office at regoffice@mta.ca or call (506) 364-2269.