Essentials to help you transition into your new home.

Services offered by the University will help you make the most of your time living on campus. Residence leaders are also dedicated to creating the best residence atmosphere possible for our students.

Mail and parcel deliveries

All campus mail is received and processed through the Bookstore at the Wallace McCain Student Centre.

Your mailing address is:
Your full name
62A York Street
Sackville, NB
E4L 1E2

If you receive mail, you'll be sent a notification to your MtA email.

You can then pick it up at the Bookstore using your MtA ID. The Bookstore is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Questions? Email

Internet and DeviceNet


High-speed wireless internet is available on our entire campus, and an Ethernet jack is provided in each residence room.

To log into WIFI:

DeviceNet — for gaming consoles, wireless printers, and streaming media devices

Connecting your device (such as XBox, Playstation, Nintendo, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku) to DeviceNet allows you to connect to your device wirelessly and not interfere with the residence network.

Find out how to connect to DeviceNet.

Overnight parking

Overnight parking is available free of charge for all students living in residence.

You must request a parking permit. Permits will become available in September.

Parking lots are located on King Street for North Side residence students and the corner of Park and Salem for South Side residence students.

For visitors: Please ensure visitors obtain a visitor parking pass if parking overnight.

For any questions, please contact campus security at or (506) 364-2228.

Residence custodial services

Our residence custodial staff are an integral part of our team, ensuring a healthy living environment for residents. Your residence custodian welcomes feedback! Should you have a question, comment or minor maintenance request, please leave a note on your custodian’s whiteboard.


Common spaces: Main lounges are dusted and vacuumed daily. Floor and study lounges are dusted daily and vacuumed weekly. All other common spaces, such as entrances and hallways, are cleaned daily. Kitchens and kitchenettes are surface cleaned by custodial staff. Additional cleaning throughout the residence is performed as required.

Community bathrooms and shower rooms: These spaces are cleaned daily. Additional deep cleaning takes place throughout the year.

Waste disposal: A central garbage and recycling centre is accessible in each residence. These centres are emptied by custodial staff. Funds collected from the recycling program are returned to residence accounts and provide funding for house events.

Light bulbs: Custodians can replace a burned out room light. Please leave a note on your custodian’s whiteboard.


Ensuite bathrooms: It is the responsibility of the room occupant(s) to clean their bathrooms and empty their bathroom garbage. Maintenance issues can be reported through the Residence Portal.

Kitchen and kitchenettes: It is the responsibility of the user to clean up any dishes or mess made in a kitchen or kitchenette.

General cleaning: Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their room and laundering of their own items. Cleaning supplies, such as a broom and mop, are available in your residence's student custodial closet.

Room cleaning services

Allow us to keep your room clean and tidy!

Students are responsible for keeping their residence rooms and ensuite bathrooms clean and tidy, but often are too busy to stay on top of their chores. To ensure your room is always clean and comfortable Housing Services is pleased to offer residence room cleaning services for residents who may not have the time to stay on top of their cleaning.

We offer a variety of residence cleaning services packages to best suite your needs, including biweekly cleaning or mid- and end-of-term cleaning.

Bedroom cleaning package

  • All surfaces dusted and disinfected
  • Small fridge cleaned and disinfected
  • Windowsills and window tracks cleaned
  • Window shades dusted and disinfected
  • Doorknobs, door frames and doors cleaned and disinfected
  • Light switches wiped and disinfected
  • Tables and chairs dusted/cleaned and disinfected
  • Trash emptied, bins cleaned and disinfected
  • Carpet and area rugs vacuumed
  • Light organizing
  • Beds made
  • Mirrors cleaned

Bed and bath cleaning package

  • All of the services included in the bedroom cleaning package, plus the following bathroom services:
  • Sink scrubbed and disinfected
  • Bathtub, shower walls scrubbed and disinfected
  • Toilet cleaned and disinfected inside and out
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts cleaned and disinfected
  • Countertops and shelves cleaned and disinfected
  • All surfaces dusted and disinfected
  • Doorknobs, door frames and doors cleaned and disinfected
  • Light switches wiped and disinfected
  • Trash emptied, bins cleaned and disinfected
  • Floor mopped and disinfected

To view all available packages and pricing, download the Residence Room Cleaning Service Request Form. 

To order a residence room cleaning package, please submit a completed Residence Room Cleaning Request Form to Housing Services. Students will be responsible for splitting any shared costs with their roommates directly. ​​​​​

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, residence room cleaning services are unavailable at this time.

Maintenance requests

Facilities Management is responsible for issuing work orders to resolve any residence maintenance issues. Please identify your type of request and submit the appropriate request based on the information below.


  • In a common area: please inform your Residence Assistant or Don.
  • In your residence room: Please submit your maintenance request via your Residence Portal > Residence Fix-It.
  • After-hours that requires immediate assistance: please inform your Residence Assistant or Don. If they are not available, please call (506) 364-2444 and press 0 for our 24-hour support centre.
  • Light bulbs: Custodians can replace a burned out room light. Please leave a note on your custodian’s whiteboard.

Work requests are prioritized and the response time will vary depending on the urgency of your request. Emergencies will be dealt with before the end of the day in which they are reported.

Repairs of operating elements of the room which are not working, such as burnt out lights, broken drapery rods, sticking cupboard doors, etc, will be dealt with as soon as possible and we will strive to fix them within two weeks of your call.

Each summer, the Facilities Management team performs a summer blitz to restore residences to their original condition. During the blitz, work is prioritized based on (1) security and safety, (2) functionality and (3) aesthetics.

Requests received during the academic year for work which is routine maintenance, such as scrapped paint and sticking drawers, will be handled as workload allows and may have to be placed in our backlog for attention during our summer maintenance period.

If you have questions or concerns regarding residence operations, please contact Housing Services at or call (506) 364-2252.


Student storage in residence

Housing provides free storage to all students living in residence. Each residence has a secure student storage room for student's to store personal items such as luggage and moving boxes. To access your residence's student storage room, please speak to your Residence Don or a member of your Residence Leadership Team.

Summer storage

Students who have drawn back into residence are eligible to store up to three storage containers in student storage during the summer. A schedule will be released by your Residence Leadership Team at year-end move-out indicating when the storage room may be accessed.

Items in storage cannot be accessed over the summer — students should plan accordingly. All items in storage must abide by the storage guidelines. If you are moving residences, your belongings must be stored in the residence where you hold your future room booking.

Storage guidelines

Students are required to store their belongings in sealed containers with their full name and future room number clearly marked on the container. Containers must be stored in designated storage rooms.

The University is not responsible for any stored items and accepts no liability for items that may be lost or damaged in any way. We advise against storing anything that has personal or sentimental value or is of high value.

The following items are not permitted in student storage:

  • Large furniture (futons, dressers, etc.)
  • Damp or wet clothing, food products (wet or dry) or any item that could result in the growth of mold
  • Vehicle tires or other vehicle accessories
  • Items that are restricted in residence (flammable products, open element appliances, etc.)
  • Items that may pose a fire or safety risk

Personal belongings cannot be stored in student rooms or common spaces. Items that are found outside of designated student storage rooms will be donated upon year-end move-out.


All residences have laundry facilities with washers and dryers that are available to everyone living in the house.

Use of the laundry facilities is covered in your residence fees.

The University does not supply irons and ironing boards.

For any questions, please contact the housing office at or by phone at (506) 364-2252.

Room transfer request

Housing services is responsible for coordinating and approving all room move requests. Room moves can be initiated by a student, housing services, or residence life.

To apply for a room transfer, please complete the Room Transfer Request form (pdf) and email it to

Spaces in residence to facilitate moves are extremely limited. Room moves are subject to room availability and approval from the housing department.

If you're applying for a room transfer due to a roommate/suitemate disagreement or conflict, please speak to your Residence Assistant or Don before completing the request form.


For the Fall 2023 term, room move requests must be received by Housing Services no later than October 6. Room move requests will be prioritized based on the students location on the original waitlist. Room move offers will be issued via e-mail and must be accepted within 24 hours. Offers not accepted within the 24 hour period will no longer be valid. Housing Services will give you a deadline in which you must complete your move.

Room move fee: Room moves initiated by a student are subject to a $70 room move fee. This fee will be added to student's Connect account.

Administrative room moves: Administrative room moves that are initiated by Housing Services and/or Residence Life are exempt from the room move fee.

On-campus accommodations during the Holiday Break


For international students who face barriers to travelling home or elsewhere during the closure, the International Centre and Housing Services offer a Winter Stay program.

Winter Stay provides accommodations over the Holiday Break. A flat rate of $387 will apply for on-campus accommodation during the Holiday Break and it cannot be adjusted according to the number of nights in residence.

No refunds will be given and students must be present on check-in day to receive their key. Building location and accommodation type will depend on the number of students registered. Students may be assigned to single or double rooms.

Jennings Dining Hall is closed during the Holiday Break and meals are not provided; however, there are kitchen facilities available to use in all residence buildings.

Other student supports

Need emergency support?

Safety is a top priority at Mount Allison. Visit safety and security.

Agreements and policies

Students living in residence must be familiar with and abide by the Conditions of Residence Accommodation, the Residence Life Code of Conduct, and any other applicable Mount Allison policies and procedures.

2023-24 Conditions of Residence Accommodations Agreement

In order to ensure an environment which is conducive to learning, to aid in personal growth and development, to foster respect, and to protect the safety and security of the residence community, the following rules, regulations, standards and obligations have been developed, which form the terms and conditions of this agreement.  The Resident agrees to abide by and obey the terms and conditions set out herein, and acknowledges that abiding by such terms and conditions is required to participate in Mount Allison’s residence community. 

Terms and Conditions

1.   Accommodation Period:

Subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, the University agrees to provide the Resident with accommodations on the dates contained in the following schedule:

September entry: Residences are open to first-year students after 9:00 am on Friday, September 1, 2023 and to returning students after 9:00 am on Monday, September 4, 2023.

December departure: Students must leave residence by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, December 20, 2023. Personal belongings may be left in the Resident’s room; however the Resident will not be able to access their residence over the winter shut-down period (5:00 pm on December 20, 2023 to 10:00 am on January 6, 2024).

January entry: Residences reopen to all students at 10:00am on Saturday, January 6, 2024.

April departure: Students must leave their room by 5:00 pm on Sunday, April 21, 2024. All personal items must be removed by this deadline.

Please note: Dates are subject to change in accordance with section 2.2 of the University’s Academic Calendar.

The Resident acknowledges that these dates are the only ones for which accommodation is guaranteed.  The Resident further acknowledges that access to accommodations will not be available during the winter hut-down period, prior to the September entry, or after the April departure.

2. Room Assignments and Changes:

a. The Resident acknowledges that only Housing Services may assign accommodations and approve room changes, and agrees not to change accommodations without the prior approval of Housing Services.  

b. The Resident acknowledges that Housing Services may change the assigned accommodations, including the Resident’s room, building, and/or roommate(s) at any time. A resident in a double or triple room which is only partially occupied should expect to have a roommate assigned or to be moved to another partially occupied double or triple room at any time during the year.  At the University’s discretion, a resident in a partially occupied double room may be offered the opportunity to pay an increased rate for a super-single and remain in the room without a roommate, but no such opportunity is guaranteed.

c. The Resident acknowledges that assigned accommodations are provided exclusively for their own personal use, and agrees not to sublet assigned accommodations, or to use assigned accommodations for business purposes.  

d. The Resident acknowledges that accommodations are assigned only to full-time students of the University, and agrees to remain registered as a full-time student as defined in the University’s Academic Calendar (available at: for the duration of this Agreement, unless the University waives this requirement for the Resident.

3.   Financial Obligations:

a. The Resident acknowledges that section 4 of the University’s Academic Calendar forms part of this agreement, and failure to comply with its provisions constitutes a breach of this agreement.

b. The Resident agrees to pay the full cost of the accommodations, together with any required deposits and fees, as outlined in section 4 of the University’s Academic Calendar by the due date(s) set out therein.

c. The Resident acknowledges that, in accordance with section 4 of the University’s Academic Calendar, they are required to purchase a meal plan, and agrees to purchase such a plan.  The Resident further acknowledges and agrees that the meal plan is non-transferrable, and cannot be sublet, sold, loaned or otherwise used by anyone other than the resident to which it is assigned.

d. The Resident acknowledges that each residence building charges a house fee, which is established by the students themselves to enable them to provide for various house activities. The Resident agrees to pay the full fee as levied by the house to which he or she is assigned. At the time of publication, the residence dues are $100.00 and are charged to your student account. This amount is subject to change.

e. The Resident acknowledges that Housing Services will post appropriate charges, including, but not limited to accommodation fees, meal plan charges, repairs, cleaning, and monetary sanctions to their financial account with the University.

f. The Resident agrees to pay the full value of this agreement prior to, or on, the deadline for so doing as stipulated in the University’s Academic Calendar.

4.   Residence and Meal Plan Withdrawals:

a. The Resident acknowledges that withdrawal from residence is governed by section 4.5 of the University’s Academic Calendar, and, for certainty, agrees that section 4.5.4, “Residence and Meal Plan Withdrawals” forms part of this agreement.

b. The resident acknowledges that, should they wish to withdraw from residence, they must complete the withdrawal process.  Moving out of residence does not constitute withdrawal.

c. If the Resident is required by the University to withdraw from residence for academic and/or disciplinary reasons, or for failing to meet the required payment schedule, they will be responsible for all fees and charges as outlined in sections 4.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.5.3, 4.5.4, and 4.5.5 of the University’s Academic Calendar.  In the case of a withdrawal, Housing Services will act in accordance with section 4.5 of the University’s Academic Calendar  
5.   Personal Information:

a. Housing Services agrees to maintain the Resident’s personal information in accordance with University policy and provincial legislation.

b. The Resident authorizes the University to release, upon request, to Housing Services the Resident’s academic and financial information.

c. The Resident authorizes Housing Services, or its delegate, to contact their designated emergency contact in the event, or threat, of an incident involving the Resident that is deemed to be of a serious nature (e.g. medical or behavioural).

d. The Resident acknowledges that their conduct may be recorded by University staff and included in Housing Office records for the purpose of discipline, imposing sanctions (including, but not limited to termination of this Agreement and removal from residence), and determining eligibility for readmission to residence.

6.   Safety and Respect:

a. The Resident acknowledges that the following behaviour is prohibited in and around residences or dining areas: behaviour that interferes with the rights of another individual(s) to the peaceful use and enjoyment of their space in residence; behaviour that creates a significant nuisance or disturbance to an individual or community; behaviour which endangers the safety and security of the Resident or another individual(s); behavior which compromises personal or university property; behavior which attacks the dignity/integrity of an individual; and behavior that offends the laws of the land, including, but not limited to, criminal, regulatory, municipal and the common law.

b. The Resident agrees to abide by all University policies and any directives issued by the University.

c. Without limiting the generality of the preceding clause, the Resident acknowledges and agrees that they are bound by the University’s Student Code of Conduct, Liquor Policy, No-Smoking Policy (including the use of cannabis on campus) and Residence Life Code of Conduct (found at…).  
7.   Conduct:

The Resident acknowledges and agrees to abide by the following rules and regulations at all times.  The Resident further acknowledges that failure to abide by these rules and regulations constitutes a breach of this agreement, and may result in sanctions or discipline.

a. Students may not paint or alter the nature of their room or furnishings or remove furnishings from their room, or paint or alter the nature of common areas or common furnishings or remove these furnishings from the assigned common area, without prior consent from the Manager of Housing Services.

b. Use of nails, screws, tape or gel stickers in residence rooms will result in a charge to the occupant(s).  Students are permitted to use 3M hooks or up to a maximum of six thumbtacks. Upon move out, students should leave any 3M hooks in place so that they can be properly removed by University staff.

c. The following are not permitted in or around residences or dining areas: halogen lamps; open flames including but not limited to lighted candles and incense; air conditioners; exterior radio and television aerials and dishes; any appliances with an open or hot element including candle warmers; fireworks, firecrackers and other explosives; gasoline or propane tanks; and weapons, including but not limited to firearms, ammunition, swords, hunting knives, sling shots and archery equipment.

d. Pets are not permitted in residence rooms, common areas or dining hall at any time. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are permitted in residence once approval has been provided by Housing Services and the Meighen Centre. The Resident and the ESA are subject to the terms and conditions agreed upon in the separate ESA contract.

e. Wireless network equipment, including but not limited to wireless routers and printers, is not permitted. Interference with the University wireless network or malicious behaviour such as preventing others from receiving signals is prohibited.  The Resident acknowledges that Housing Services may remove any such wireless service and/or confiscate the offending equipment without notice to the Resident, and agrees to pay any costs associated therewith, in addition to any fines imposed.

f. Extension cords and “octopus” electrical devices are not permitted.  CSA rated power bars with circuit breakers are permitted but they must be plugged directly into a wall socket and not into another power bar.

g. Students are not permitted to access unauthorized areas, including but not limited to roof tops, mechanical rooms, fire escapes and the tunnel system.  Unauthorized areas include any areas to which the Resident’s assigned keys/access cards do not grant them access.

h. Entry and fire doors including interior fire-zone separation doors are not to be propped open at any time.

i. Activities which can be expected to cause damage or create a mess, including but not limited to sports in the hallways and banner painting are prohibited.  Whether an activity can be expected to cause damage or create a mess is determined solely by Housing Services.

j. Students are responsible for the maintaining the cleanliness of their rooms and the furnishings provided within their rooms.

k. Hallways and common areas are to be left clean for the enjoyment of other students and unobstructed for fire and other safety reasons at all times.  Students are not permitted to leave boxes, shoes, bottles, etc. in the hallways. Items left in common areas, including but not limited to dishes in kitchens, may be removed and disposed of by the University’s authorized representatives.

l. Smoking inside any University building including student residence rooms or within ten meters of any building is prohibited.

m. The lending of a University meal card to another person is theft and may result in charges to both the lender and the user.

n. Students are advised that parking regulations on campus are strict and include towing without notice or further warning.  Please ensure visitors to the campus are aware of this policy and obtain a visitor parking pass if parking overnight.   For parking information please see:…

o. Students are responsible for the actions of their guests, including the payment of any fines and damages.

8.   Damages, Losses and Messes:

a. The Resident acknowledges they are responsible for damages to, losses from and/or messes within their assigned rooms and for all furnishings, keys and access cards provided to them.

b. The Resident agrees to ensure their Room Inventory, which is available by signing into their Residence Portal, is completed and accurate within five (5) days of checking into residence.

c. The Resident agrees to leave their room in a satisfactorily clean condition, as determined by Housing Office staff, with original furnishings intact and arranged in their original position upon check out, and to remove personal property and garbage from their room and from the hallways, The Resident acknowledges that failure to comply will result in charges being added to the student’s account.

d. The Resident acknowledges and agrees that they are collectively responsible, with the other residents in their building, for damages to, losses from and/or messes within the common areas in and around their residence if the individual(s) responsible for the damage, loss and/or mess cannot be identified. For certainty, this includes any expenses related to false fire alarms.

e. The Resident acknowledges and agrees that the University is not responsible for the loss of or damage to their personal belongings due to any incident, including but not limited to fire, flood, theft or power surge or outage.  The Resident is strongly advised to arrange for insurance coverage for their possessions and to lock their rooms at all times.

f. The Resident acknowledges and agrees that final assessment of damages, losses and messes will not be complete until after the residence Don and the Manager of Housing Services have completed a final review at year-end.  The Resident acknowledges that charges can be posted to their student account following the final review, and agrees to pay any such charges.

9.   Room Access, Maintenance and Storage:

a. The Resident agrees that authorized University staff and/or external contractors, have the right to enter their room for housekeeping purposes, for repairs or maintenance, for reasonable suspicion of drug use, to ensure safety and hygiene standards, to carry out regular inspections, to determine occupancy and vacancies, or to verify compliance with this Agreement, University policies, and/or local laws.  The University will normally try to provide students with reasonable notice when their room must be entered; however, no such notice is guaranteed.  During the winter shut-down period (defined above), students can expect that their rooms will be entered to carry out maintenance, to ensure windows are closed, and to ensure appliances are unplugged.

b. If the space is not required by the University, and subject to approval from Housing Services, students may store up to four items of reasonable size in the designated storage areas during the summer if returning to residence in September of the following academic year. Students will not be able to access any items left in storage from the time the residences close in April until the residences re-open to students in September.  Recovery of belongings from storage must occur before the end of September. 

c. The resident agrees that the University is not responsible for any stored items, and acknowledges that the University will not accept responsibility for items the Resident leaves in storage, rooms or common areas.

10.  Breach of this Agreement

In the event of any breach of any term or condition of this agreement, the Resident may be subject to discipline and/or sanctions, including, but not limited to, monetary fines, restitution, termination of this agreement, and/or removal from residence.

11.  Contact Information

Should you have any questions regarding this agreement, please contact Housing Services prior to acceptance.  Housing Services can be contacted by telephone at (506) 364-2252, by email at or by visiting

Residence Life Code of Conduct

Mount Allison strives to foster a community that values and protects diversity, inclusivity, and respect for one other. Any behaviour that harms the integrity or dignity of another individual is not tolerated.

Students who live together in a shared residence community have rights as they do responsibilities. The Residence Code of Conduct seeks to balance both.

Advertising policy

Advertising may take place in Mount Allison residences under the following conditions:

  1. Advertisements may be on standard letter or legal sized paper only.
  2. Postings may be made on bulletin boards when affixed with tacks. Staples, tape, and sticky tack are not permitted on bulletin boards.
  3. Postings may be made on the inside of front doors (but not on doors) with 3M painters tape. They may not obstruct vision into or out of the building. Any sign that obstructs vision will be removed immediately.
  4. Postings may be made on walls in moderation. If an excessive amount of posters are on the walls, the business will be approached by the manager of housing, conference, and event services.
  5. Postings may not be made in any enclosed stairwell.
  6. Tacks may be used on bulletin boards only and 3M painters tape may be used on walls and glass, the use of any other tape or sticky tack is prohibited.
  7. Flyers may not be distributed to individual student rooms.
  8. Flyers may not be left loose in common areas.
  9. Posting should be stamped with a date so that they can be removed in a timely fashion (i.e. If you are advertising a special, make note of when the special ends.)
  10. Covering or removing others’ posters is not permitted.
  11. Advertising on bulletin boards designated for house council is not permitted.
  12. Other University policies must be complied with (i.e. liquor policy.)

Failure to comply with the any of the above will result in the loss of advertising privileges within Mount Allison residences. Special consideration may be given at the discretion of the dons and/or the manager of housing, conference, and event services.

Decorating for house events

In order to ensure that decorations do not cause damage or incur damage charges to your residence accounts, please take note of the following guidelines.

Inside your residence:

  • 3M painters tape is the only tape permitted on walls. Adhesive putty is not allowed in residence and should not be used to hang event decorations.
  • Decorations must not come in contact or cover any items such as light fixtures, bulbs, wall outlets, switches, thermostats and/or heaters.
  • Decorations must not come in contact with items that ensure building safety and security, such as doors, card readers, fire sprinklers, building evacuation pull stations and/or service panels (fire, electrical, mechanical, etc).
  • Decorations cannot cover glazing (windows/glass doors) in entrances or exits.
  • University purchased supplies cannot be used to decorate (garbage bags, toilet paper, etc.).
  • Decorations cannot interfere with foot traffic in your building, this means no blocking hallways and nothing hanging low from the ceiling that people need to walk around.
  • The use of stickers (gel or otherwise) for decorating applied directly to University property (fixtures and furniture included) is prohibited.
  • As per fire code, only 30% of a wall surface (including ceiling) can be covered.
  • Decorations, of any kind, cannot be placed in enclosed stairwells.

Outside your residence:

  • Students are not allowed in any landscaped areas (gardens, flowerbeds).
  • Items that require extensive clean-up, such as glitter, confetti, silly-string and non-organic materials, are not to be used outside of your residence.
  • If you are required to paint decorations, ensure that you are painting in an open area and not on a concrete or stone walkway. Any residue from painting orspray painting on these surfaces will result in a damage charge to your residence.

Timelines for decorating:

  • While you can begin preparing your decorations at any point, decorations cannot be put up in common areas until 72-hours before your event.
  • All decorations (inside and outside of your residence) must be taken down within 24-hours of your event. Please ensure that tape, streamer ends and other decorations are removed from ceiling tiles and walls. The room should be left the same way you found it!
  • Seasonal or holiday decorations may be up for more than 72-hours however holiday-specific decorations (such as Halloween) must still be removed within 24 hours of the end of the holiday.

Damages from decorating:

  • Damage that results from decorating will result in a damage charge to your residence account.
  • Custodial services will remove garbage, bottles and clean floors after an event. It is your responsibility to ensure all decorations are stored or disposed of properly in a garbage bag.

Thank you for following these guidelines. Decorating found to not comply with these guidelines may be removed at the discretion of Housing Services. Your residence account may be charged removal fees.

If you have any questions regarding decorations, please contact Housing Services at, or call (506) 364-2252.