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ENGL 3991 A African Animist Arts with Dr. A. Ede, Winter 2022

Course Description

This course focuses on Animist Realism in African and African Diasporic literatures and visual arts. As such, course material is multi-genre, including literary texts, film material, sculpture, and paintings. We will analyse how the concept of Animist Realism spread from Africa with the slave trade to become Magic Realism in the African Diaspora. This will be achieved through readings of select literary texts and a viewing of one or two Nollywood Films. Nollywood describes the Nigerian version of a global African film industry. We will read the following novels: The Famished Road (Okri, 1991), One hundred Years of Solitude (Marquez, 1967), The Palmwine Drinkard (Tutuola, 1958), and The Last Harmattan of Alusine Dumber (Cheney-Coker, 1990). We will also peruse some poetic material in the animist realist genre in the form of a few Negritude poems from the anthology, Poems of Black Africa (Soyinka, 1975). Negritude is an early 20th century African literary and cultural movement located in Paris. We will screen at least one Nollywood film in the animist realist genre, namely Kunle Afoloyan’s, The Figurine (2009, 120 mins). The paintings of the Oshogbo School of art and the sculptures of Suzanne Wenger are other visual components of the course. There is going to be some flexibility in each genre with these seminar materials, of course.



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Faculty teaching this year includes Dr. Karen Bamford, Dr. Andrea Beverley, Dr. Peter Brown, Dr. Amatoritsero Ede, Dr. Robert Lapp, and Dr. Janine Rogers.  Dr. Sarah Fanning will be teaching one course in the Fall term and one course in the Winter term.  Dr. Geordie Miller will be teaching one course in the Fall term and two courses in the Winter term.  Dr. Janine Rogers will be on sabbatical in the Winter 2022 term.

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