Experiential learning is a key component of the Department’s approach.

Experiential learning and hands-on research experiences are the hallmarks of the honours programs in chemistry and biochemistry. The Department offers many lecture/lab and lab-only courses that give students the chance to apply what they’ve learned in class to experiments at the bench.

Students are also provided with numerous opportunities to carry out independent research and to work with faculty on their research projects, even co-authoring scientific papers with them.

Both the Chemistry and Biochemistry programs are designed to provide students in all programs with a solid foundation in the first two years with paths for specialization in the third and fourth years.

The programs are flexible to allow students to pursue their interests while gaining a balanced education.

Our Chemistry and Biochemistry programs are accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry.


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Our longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Stephen Westcott, passed away in April 2022. Steve’s contributions to our department and his impact on the many students he taught are immeasurable.

» Read more about Steve’s work and the research fund established in his honour 

What do our students say?

"What I enjoy most about the Chem and Biochem department is the ability to pursue more than one subject at once. I don’t have to focus all of my courses on mostly chemistry or mostly biology, I’m able to get the perfect mix. That makes biochem perfect for someone like me who loves both! I also love how MtA offers a first year biochemistry class, unlike many other universities. Biochemistry ended being my favourite class in first year and it really helped me in deciding my major."

Brad Isenor, 2nd year


"What I like best about the Chemistry and Biochemistry department at Mount Allison is how unified it feels to be studying something I love alongside people who I know share the same interests. It makes going to school feel more like participating in a common hobby."

Olivia Hansen, 2nd year


"What I like best about the Chemistry and Biochemistry department at Mount Allison is the small lab sizes which ensure you always have someone you can ask questions to help you understand material."

Malcom Mann, 3rd year


"What I enjoy the most about the Chemistry and Biochemistry department at Mount A is the in lab experience. The labs are small, especially in upper years, and I feel that has allowed me to gain a deeper knowledge of laboratory techniques and concepts by getting valuable one on one attention from professors and lab instructors. I think choosing Mount A for an undergrad in biochemistry has given me exceptional lab experience and research opportunities that are uncommon at an undergraduate level."

Kailey Wilcox, 4th year

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