The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a broad variety of awards, prizes, and scholarships to qualified students.

The nature of the prize may be in the form of a monetary award, gift, or plaque of recognition. In order to be considered, Chemistry and Biochemistry students are encouraged to seek further information from the department head.

The following is a general list of awards, prizes. and scholarships available through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Harold Bigelow Prize

  • Awarded to fourth-year chemistry students
  • Department recommends; based on research involvement

R. P. Chapman Prize

  • Awarded to fourth-year undergrad chemistry students
  • Department recommends; based on summer research
  • Funds to be used for summer research fellowship(s) stipends

Elizabeth Lovett Scholarship

  • Student must be in Science
  • A portion is to be for a chemistry student specifically
  • Chemistry recommends from graduating class

Kendall Scott Memorial Prize in Chemistry

  • Awarded to a chemistry student in graduating class in good academic standing who exemplifies the qualities of thoughtfulness, generosity, collaboration, and calm

Society of Chemical Industry Student Merit Award, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Awarded to the student with the highest standing in the final year of Honours chemistry & Honours biochemistry, 2 awards

Murray Sears Memorial Prizes in Chemistry

  • Awarded in recognition of excellent laboratory performance by students registered in a chemistry program
  • Must show leadership in the laboratory such as might be demonstrated by a student instructor
  • Awarded to a second-year chemistry student enrolled in at least three, 3-credit courses in chemistry AND awarded to a third year chemistry student enrolled in at least two third-year, 3 credit courses in chemistry
  • Nomination forms can be obtained from the Barclay office, room 111, or beside the dropbox on each floor
  • Deadline for submissions is noon on March 17 each year, to the Barclay office

Carnegie Scholarship

  • To support summer student research in the Chemistry department
  • Department recommends based upon research potential