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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Mount Allison emphasizes hands-on learning.

Students are given ample opportunity to put theory into practice during labs, independent research projects, and while assisting in faculty research.

Mathematics has been around since humans first began using numbers, while computer science is a relatively recent discipline, but the two are closely connected subjects.

The Department teaches all facets of the disciplines, from the purely theoretical to the practical, and offers a wide range of courses designed to meet the needs of a variety of users.

Visitors and outreach

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is always interested in having prospective students (and their parents) visit us. Ask about visiting the department or sitting in on a class when you book your campus tour!

Our Department has also been involved in numerous outreach initiatives throughout the years, including taking part in the Tantramar High School Enrichment program and Sackville Codes.

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The annual Science Atlantic Mathematics & Statistics and Computer Science Conference was held at Mount Allison in October 2022. All Plenary Lectures from the conference are available on the Math and Computer Science department's Youtube channel.



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