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Math & Computer Science Help Centers

Summer MATH Help Center on TEAMS.

Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30 pm until June 9th, 2022.

Math Help Center

Location: Basement Floor, R.P. Bell Library

Hours: ended for Winter 2022


Computer Science Help Center

Location: Basement Floor, R.P. Bell Library

Hours: ended for Winter 2022

How to sign up to the TEAMS Help Centers
  • Log into Microsoft TEAMS with your Mount Allison University username and password
  • Click on "TEAMS" and then click "Join or Create Team"
  • Under "Join a team with a code" type 3zzsa7q

Finding a tutor

If you are in need of a mathematics or computer science tutor please e-mail:

The Department will help students looking for math or computer science tutors connect with other students interested in tutoring, but we can’t guarantee there will be a tutor available.

The number of students looking for a tutor often exceeds the number of students available to act as tutors.

Students seeking tutoring opportunities are encouraged to contact the department to express their interest/indicate their availability.

Calculator policy

Each course and each professor may have different requirements. A basic scientific calculator may be useful on some homework assignments, but a lot of work, in many math courses, won't require a calculator at all.

Calculators are prohibited during midterms and final exams in some courses.

At present we don't have any courses that require the use of graphing or programmable calculators.


Careers in mathematics

Careers in computer science

Math and computer science alumni careers

Past alumni have gone on to the following workplaces and careers:

  • Hex dB
  • VIVO Media Arts
  • Senior director of strategy at Maple Leaf Foods
  • Founder Deltanostix
  • High school teacher
  • Instrument specialist at Toyo Engineering
  • Fund accountant at MUFG Investor Services
  • Regional manager at Imbrium Systems
  • PhD in medical physics
  • Marketing and strategy for Malkin Music
  • Senior economist and policy expert
  • Medical doctor
  • Senior business analyst at Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Analyst at Statistics Canada
  • Actuary
  • Software engineer at Google
  • Audio producer, radio personality
  • Senior graphics engineer at NVIDIA
  • Judge in Nova Scotia courts
  • Partner at a consulting firm
  • Software engineer at HB
  • Quantitative strategist at Morgan Stanley