Graduate Studies | Mount Allison

Pursue a research-based master’s degree in a small, intimate environment.

The University has an active research community, driven by faculty with wide-ranging and varied research interests.  

Graduate students work directly with their faculty supervisor on research. The program’s focus is on laboratory and field experience, which provides graduate students with an abundance of hands-on opportunities.

Mount Allison graduate students are highly sought after by employers as well as doctoral programs because of the high level research and training they accomplish during their studies.

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Departments hosting graduate students


The main areas of research activity:

  • ecology
  • molecular ecology
  • animal physiology
  • microbiology
  • genetics
  • developmental biology 


The main areas of research activity:

  • organometallic and main group chemistry
  • medicinal, bio-organic, and bio-inorganic chemistry
  • materials chemistry
  • surface chemistry
  • environmental chemistry
  • nuclear resonance spectroscopy
  • green chemistry

Current research opportunities

The Crosby Laboratory is looking for a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow to study how stress affects an appetite-regulatory center in the rat brain using patch clamp electrophysiology.

If interested, please contact Karen Crosby at

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Graduate Studies