Biopsychology is the scientific study of the brain and nervous system and how they influence human behaviour — combining studies in biology and psychology.


Biopsychology is the scientific study of the brain and nervous system and how they influence human behaviour — combining studies in biology and psychology.

Biopsychology provides students with foundational knowledge about the physiological basis for behaviour.

At a Glance

Degree options
Bachelor of Science (BSc), major or honours
Undergraduate certificate


At Mount Allison, Biopsychology is an interdisciplinary program with students required to take courses in both biology and psychology.

There is some flexibility to allow you to focus more heavily on one of the two disciplines, should you choose to do so.

Course options in this program may include:

  • genetics and evolution
  • human physiology
  • animal behaviour
  • neurophysiology
  • sensation and perception
  • behavioural neuroscience

Biopsychology is available as:

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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Geneviève Desmarais
Associate professor, Psychology

» Biopsychology students get to see the human brain in action


Whether you're entering the job market or continuing your education, your Mount Allison degree will stand out.

Mount Allison has been recognized by Maclean's as the top primarily undergraduate university in Canada more times than any other university.

With experiential learning and career development opportunities available in every degree, you'll also graduate with hands-on learning and real-world experience.

Our graduates also boast extraordinarily high acceptance rates to top graduate programs and professional schools such as law and medicine.

Popular career paths for Biopsychology graduates include:

  • psychologist
  • neurologist
  • mental health counsellor
  • teacher
  • medical health professional


Undergraduate research

Faculty members in Psychology and Biology are actively involved in research, and there are many opportunities for students to participate in research through faculty-supervised independent research projects during summers or during academic terms.

Students in our introductory psychology classes are also given the opportunity to experience the research process by participating in our 'psychology participant pool' and becoming a participant in the many studies conducted each year in the department.


Facilities in the Department of Psychology include computers for professional database searches and statistical data analysis, a human interaction observation laboratory, and laboratories for demonstration and research with humans and animals.

Psychology labs include:

  • Psychobiology of Stress and Health (PSHL) Lab
  • Mount Allison Sexual Health Research Lab (MASHLab)
  • MtA Personality Lab
  • Cognition Education Lab
  • Neuroscience Lab


Bachelor of Science

Admission Requirements

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Mount A is #2 in student awards

Maclean’s ranks Mount Allison second in student and faculty awards in its latest University Rankings. To date, 56 Mount Allison students have become Rhodes Scholars — one of the best per capita records in Canada.

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