The Music program helps you develop into a well-rounded musician with experience in performance, theory, music history, and music education, as well as a sound basis in the liberal arts.


The Music program helps you develop into a well-rounded musician with experience in performance, theory, music history, and music education, as well as a sound basis in the liberal arts.

Whether you are looking to prepare for a professional career in music, or simply want to study music as an elective or as an extracurricular activity, the Music department has plenty to offer.

At a Glance

Degree options
Bachelor of Arts (BA), major or honours
Bachelor of Music (BMus)


At Mount Allison, the Music program stresses professional training with an emphasis on musical performance.

The department offers performance study in:

  • voice
  • piano
  • strings
  • woodwinds
  • brass
  • percussion
  • guitar
  • organ
  • harpsichord

Although it is a classically-based program, Music offers electives in jazz, musical theatre, world music, and much more.

Small class sizes within Mount Allison's Music program mean that you work closely with the department's talented and enthusiastic faculty, have constant access to instruments and practice rooms, and perform on stage on a regular basis.

Bachelor of Music students benefit from four years of weekly private lessons on their chosen instrument or voice

Degree options

At Mount Allison, there are different levels of Music depending on your interests, skills, and career goals.

Bachelor of Music (BMus)

As a Bachelor of Music student, you'll benefit from four years of weekly private lessons on your chosen instrument or voice, combined with academic studies in music and non-music courses.

There are also courses in areas such as composition, conducting, collaborative piano, chamber music, jazz, opera, and world music.

Bachelor of Music students are not formally streamed into specific areas of musical study, meaning the program gives you the freedom to focus on the areas that best suit your interests and career plans.

This program allows you much freedom to put emphasis on performance, music education, composition, music history, or music theory.

The Bachelor of Music degree is suitable for those who contemplate any professional career in music, including teaching, performance, musicology, music therapy, arts administration, recording, broadcasting, music librarianship, and music journalism.

A separate Music application and an audition is required.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music

A Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music balances music study with courses in other disciplines — it emphasizes the academic aspects of music and is designed for students who wish to combine their study of music with more non-music courses than are available in the Bachelor of Music curriculum.

Private lessons are not available in the Bachelor of Arts, but there are still ample opportunities to perform in music ensembles and societies.

A BA honours in Music is also available.

NEW! Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science and Music


A BA joint major in Computer Science and Music allows students to combine their interests and abilities in both technology and music, focusing on the practical applications of technology and the production of creative outputs that use technology.

Minor in Music

A minor in Music consists of a selection of core and elective music courses and can be combined with any degree.

Private lessons are not available in a minor, but there are still ample opportunities to perform in music ensembles and societies.

Courses open to all students

For students outside the Music department, there are Music courses offered in:

  • music appreciation
  • theory
  • music in Canada
  • world music

You also have the opportunity to participate in the department’s large ensembles.

Not sure about the difference between a major, a minor, an honours, and a certificate?

What's the difference between a BMus and a BA in Music?


Whether you're entering the job market or continuing your education, your Mount Allison degree will stand out.

Mount Allison has been recognized by Maclean's as the top primarily undergraduate university in Canada more times than any other university.

Skills developed in the Bachelor of Music program are highly transferable to other areas of study. Creativity, independence, teamwork, and dedication to perfection are some of the skills that are highly prized in areas such as medicine and law.

Popular career paths for Music graduates include:

  • music teacher at the elementary or secondary level
  • choral or instrumental conductor
  • music therapist
  • composer
  • arts administrator
  • instrument designer/repair technician
  • music librarian
  • music software designer
  • sound engineer
  • speech therapist

Alumni Spotlight

Presley Hynes ('16)
Bachelor of Music
Sound Designer, PlayStation

» Music degree leads MtA graduate down a less traditional path


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Mount Allison's Bachelor of Music program helped me realize that I want to perform music professionally. It gave me the space and resources necessary to develop my musical voice.

Bachelor of Music, minor in French
Halifax, NS
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I loved the Music program at Mount Allison because I had so many opportunities to explore different areas of music that interested me. I’m glad I wasn’t streamlined immediately into just performance, composition, or education. Instead I could really broaden my musical horizons! I took so many great classes based around performance, conducting, music education, etc. and still had the space to complete an English minor.

Bachelor of Music, minor in English
North Vancouver, BC



Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music

Mount Allison is home to one of the finest university music buildings in the country — the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music.

The Conservatory includes:

  • 310-seat concert hall, Brunton Auditorium, hosting more than 80 concerts, recitals, and guest speakers each year
  • Practice studios, most equipped with pianos
  • An extensive collection of instruments, including 15 grand pianos
  • A computer lab with hardware and software for music notation, audio editing, and electroacoustic composition
  • Choral and instrumental music collections

Our collection includes a Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, giving our Music department one of the best piano collections in Atlantic Canada. 

Located in the Conservatory is the Alfred Whitehead Memorial Music Library, housing the largest musical resources collection in the Maritimes with more than 45,000 books, scores, audio recordings, and video



The Music department's Collegia Musica series offers you the chance to perform in front of an audience on a weekly basis.

Music ensembles and societies also enjoy a reputation as some of the finest in the country:

  • Symphonic Band
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Elliott Chorale
  • Choral Society
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • New Music Ensemble
  • Pep Band
  • Garnet & Gold Musical Theatre Society

All large ensembles are open to all Mount Allison students.

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Applying to the Bachelor of Music

In addition to the general University admission application, students applying to the Bachelor of Music must also:

  • submit a Music application
  • audition
  • take a music entrance assessment
  • submit a letter of reference

Find out more about applying to the Bachelor of Music.

Applying to the Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Music application form is for students applying to the Bachelor of Music only — there is no need to fill out the form or audition if you plan on applying to the Bachelor of Arts in Music.


Feb. 10
Deadline to submit your Music application and letter of reference. While enrolment is limited, the Department of Music will consider late applications and auditions, space permitting.

March 1
Deadline to submit your recorded video audition and audition portfolio, if not auditioning in person.

Audition Preparation Weekend

Our Audition Preparation Weekend is designed for any high school student who is interested in making music a part of their university studies, and will be of particular interest for Grade 11 and 12 students who are considering auditioning for a Bachelor of Music degree. Find out more about workshops and tours provided by the Department of Music.


Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Music

Admission Requirements

Our admissions decisions are based on your academic record, leadership skills, a high level of commitment, and the potential for personal growth. The drop down menu below will help you find information on what pre-requisites are recommended for the Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Arts.

Academic Awards


Mount A is #2 in student awards

Maclean’s ranks Mount Allison second in student and faculty awards in its latest University Rankings. To date, 56 Mount Allison students have become Rhodes Scholars — one of the best per capita records in Canada.

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