Classical Studies

Classical Studies examines the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and their contributions to Western civilization.


Classical Studies examines the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and their contributions to Western civilization.

Classics offers the unique opportunity to gain new perspective on our language, literature, culture, and political structure by examining their roots in ancient Greece and Rome. These classical civilizations provided the cultural foundations of the western world, as well as the basis of many other elements of our modern life.

Classics is unique among modern academic disciplines in the breadth of its approach to its subject — it is a field in which you must be simultaneously linguist, literary critic, anthropologist, sociologist, and historian of politics, religion and art.

At a Glance

Degree options
Bachelor of Arts (BA), major or honours


At Mount Allison, Classics offers the opportunity to study these ancient cultures through courses in history, mythology, art, archaeology, language, and literature.

The history and literature of Greece and Rome can be approached either in the original languages or through courses using English translation.

Introductory courses focus on:

  • classical civilization
  • mythology
  • archaeology

Upper year studies specialize in topics like:

  • Greek democracy
  • Roman emperors
  • health and medicine
  • Greek and Roman drama, poetry, and art

You also have the opportunity to study classical languages — and even minor in: ancient Greek and Latin.

Classical Studies is available as:

  • BA major (60 credits)
  • BA honours (72 credits)
  • Minor in any degree (24 credits)

Not sure about the difference between a major, a minor, an honours, and a certificate?

Greek Art and Archaeology class with Dr. Ilaria Battiloro

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Whether you're entering the job market or continuing your education, your Mount Allison degree will stand out.

Mount Allison has been recognized by Maclean's as the top primarily undergraduate university in Canada more times than any other university.

With experiential learning and career development opportunities available in every degree, you'll also graduate with hands-on learning and real-world experience.

Our graduates also boast extraordinarily high acceptance rates to top graduate programs and professional schools such as law and medicine.

Popular career paths for Classics Studies graduates include:

  • heritage researcher/interpreter
  • lawyer
  • curator/museum education
  • teacher
  • librarian
  • archivist
  • cultural resource manager
  • archaeologist
  • tour organizer/guide
  • human resources manager
  • art dealer/administrator
  • conference/event planner
  • publisher
  • tourism development officer
  • exhibit designer/marketer
  • journalist
  • conservation officer
  • historic buildings inspector


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The department is a very tight-knit community. I have learned so much from all the opportunities it offered, whether it was the archaeological field school in Pompeii or the departmental trip to New York City. I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from my professors during my time here, and I am truly grateful to call myself an alumna of the Classics department at Mount A.

Yizhi (Alice)
Classical Studies, minor in Museum and Curatorial Studies
Montreal, QC
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My favourite thing about studying classics at Mount Allison is being able to learn about the ancient past and make connections to people who lived thousands of years ago. The interdisciplinary nature of classics made it easy for me to combine my interests in biology and ancient history in order to craft a program of study that will aid me in pursuing my future career goals.

Honours Classical Studies, minors in Biology and Greek
Bedford, NS


J.E.A. Crake Foundation

The Classical Studies program benefits from the support of the J.E.A. Crake Foundation. The foundation funds a number of initiatives for the department, including:

  • Crake Travelling Scholarship for Summer Study in Greece or Italy — awarded to a second or third-year student in Classics
  • Annual Crake Lectures, bringing leading international scholars to Mount Allison
  • A departmental reading room and audio visual resources

Archaeological Field School

The Classics department offers a summer learning program in Italy that gives you the opportunity to learn archeological techniques as part of a research team on a working excavation.

You will learn to assist in the excavation, collection, and recording of artifacts, as well as in the processing and study of the finds.


Bachelor of Arts

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