International Relations

International Relations is the study of the relationships between countries and between governmental and non-governmental organizations. It examines the impacts of economic, social, technological, environmental, military, and political processes, as well as issues of justice, responsibility, and human well-being.


IR examines the globalizing effects of economic, social, technological, environmental, military, and political processes, as well as issues of justice, responsibility, and human well-being.

International Relations is the study of the relationships between countries and between governmental and non-governmental organizations.

IR operates as an inter- and multi-disciplinary program in which core, as well as elective courses, are drawn from a range of disciplines such as political science, history, modern languages and literature, sociology, anthropology, economics, geography, and environmental studies.

At a Glance

Degree options
Bachelor of Arts (BA), major or honours


At Mount Allison, the International Relations program is centred around courses in political science, language, and economics.

The program provides students with a broad range of intellectual and critical skills for analyzing the interactions between political and economic systems, cultural norms, environmental dynamics, and hierarchies of power.

In first and second year you'll take introductory courses in economics, political science, and international relations. In third and fourth year you will begin to specialize.

In addition to your core courses, you'll have the opportunity to choose two streams of study from the following disciplines:

International Relations also has a university-level language requirement. Mount Allison offers courses in:

International Relations is available as:

  • BA major (60 credits)
  • BA honours (72 credits)

Not sure about the difference between a major, a minor, an honours, and a certificate?

International Relations student Jonathan Ferguson, the 2019 ECHO Foundation Intern at Community Forests International, at the United Nations' High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.


Related programs:

*Students who complete a major in International Relations may not complete a minor in International Politics.


Whether you're entering the job market or continuing your education, your Mount Allison degree will stand out.

Mount Allison has been recognized by Maclean's as the top primarily undergraduate university in Canada more times than any other university.

With experiential learning and career development opportunities available in every degree, you'll also graduate with hands-on learning and real-world experience.

Our graduates also boast extraordinarily high acceptance rates to top graduate programs and professional schools such as law and medicine.

Popular career paths for International Relations graduates include:

  • humanitarian aid worker
  • global health aid worker/policy developer
  • foreign service officer
  • international development worker
  • public policy analyst
  • foreign affairs analyst/specialist
  • immigration officer/specialist
  • intelligence officer
  • international project manager
  • community development specialist

Alumni Spotlight

Sage Shaheen (’20)
Bachelor of Arts, honours International Relations
Legal Case Officer & Fundraising Coordinator, New Brunswick Refugee Clinic

» New Allisonian-directed docuseries shares experiences of a Syrian family's journey to New Brunswick


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Mount A is the perfect place for someone who is ready to take advantage of all the opportunities they will be offered. I enjoyed the flexibility of the IR degree and the ability to specialize in not one, but two different 'streams'. I would recommend this program for someone who is interested in many fields and wants the flexibility of specializing in areas outside of their main degree. It is an excellent way to approach concepts and ideas from a variety of angles, and gives you the chance to learn in many different ways.

Honours International Relations, minors in Classical Studies, Religious Studies, and Political Science
Kingston, ON
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When I arrived at Mount Allison, I had a wide range of different interests. The International Relations program, through its interdisciplinary nature, has allowed me to pursue these interests and expose me to new ones. Critical thinking and versatility are two vital skills in today's world and Mount Allison's IR program is second to none in shaping these traits in students. This extends beyond the classroom as well, whether it be through a study abroad term or research with a professor.

Michael Vincent
Honours International Relations, minor in Political Science
Margaree Valley, NS


International Relations student Rebecca Zuk (’19) spent four months working in Semarang, Indonesia as part of her Mansbridge Internship in 2018.

International experiences

International Relations students are encouraged to gain international experience.

International opportunities include:

  • study abroad and exchange programs
  • summer field schools
  • independent study and undergraduate research
  • international internships
  • international conferences
  • work and volunteering

Many travel opportunities at Mount Allison are made more affordable through travel grants, bursaries, and awards that can help pay for your international experience.


Bachelor of Arts

Admission Requirements

Our admissions decisions are based on your academic record, leadership skills, a high level of commitment, and the potential for persona growth. The drop down menu below will help you find information on what pre-requisites are recommended for the Bachelor of Arts.

Academic Awards


Mount A is #2 in student awards

Maclean’s ranks Mount Allison second in student and faculty awards in its latest University Rankings. To date, 56 Mount Allison students have become Rhodes Scholars — one of the best per capita records in Canada.

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