Philosophy is the endeavour to understand the basic questions that arise for us in our world, and to formulate this understanding in a critical manner.


Philosophy helps challenge our own beliefs, consider others’ points of view, and ultimately better know the world around us.

Philosophy is the endeavour to understand the basic questions that arise for us in our world, and to formulate this understanding in a critical manner.

Traditionally, these questions have touched upon what can be known, what can be valued, what our own position is socially and individually — above all, how we can know what we think we know.

At a Glance

Degree options
Bachelor of Arts (BA), major or honours


At Mount Allison, Philosophy believes that careful study of the great works of the past and present provides the best access to philosophical questions, and is committed to diversity.

You'll explore the history of philosophy from the sixth century B.C. to the 21st century, with areas of teaching and research in:

  • ethics, logic, metaphysics, value theory
  • Indian, German philosophy
  • social and political philosophy
  • continental philosophy
  • biomedical ethics
  • feminist philosophy
  • disability theory
  • philosophy of science, law, biology, music, art
  • ancient and medieval philosophy

Philosophy is available as:

  • BA major (60 credits)
  • BA honours (72 credits)
  • Minor in any degree (24 credits)

Not sure about the difference between a major, a minor, an honours, and a certificate?



Whether you're entering the job market or continuing your education, your Mount Allison degree will stand out.

Mount Allison has been recognized by Maclean's as the top primarily undergraduate university in Canada more times than any other university.

With experiential learning and career development opportunities available in every degree, you'll also graduate with hands-on learning and real-world experience.

Our graduates also boast extraordinarily high acceptance rates to top graduate programs and professional schools such as law and medicine.

Popular career paths for Philosophy graduates include:

  • community development officer
  • human rights advocate
  • lawyer
  • teacher/professor
  • business professional/manager
  • public policy analyst
  • human resources specialist
  • international development worker
  • writer/journalist
  • advertising executive/copywriter

Alumni Spotlight

Mary Jane Dykeman ('89)
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy and French
Partner, DDO Health Law; Partner & Co-Founder, INQ Data Law

» Mary Jane Dykeman ('89) helps health care organizations navigate the intricacies of the law and its impact on patients and their families


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Despite its small size, the Philosophy department offers courses from many different perspectives throughout the history of philosophy. During my studies, I’ve learned about a wide range of philosophical topics, and I’ve been encouraged to be creative and explore ideas that matter to me. The support that I’ve received in my research pursuits along with getting involved with the department have helped me to grow as an individual and a young scholar. If you want to learn to be open to new viewpoints, consider topics more deeply, and articulate your thoughts more clearly, I cannot recommend Philosophy enough!  

Honours Philosophy, minors in Music and Psychology
Stellarton, NS
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Philosophy won’t just make you a better writer, researcher, and thinker; it will help make your reasoning more incisive, your reflections more inquisitive, and your perspectives more nuanced. Better yet, if you take Philosophy at Mount Allison, you’ll be working with some of the most enthusiastic and conscientious professors around. It was a privilege and a pleasure to study philosophy at Mount Allison, and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who is still looking for the je ne sais quoi that has been missing from their education thus far.

Honours Philosophy, minor in Political Science
Fredericton, NB


A.H. Johnson Library

Named in honour of Dr. Allison Heartz Johnson — philosopher, teacher, and humanist — the A.H. Johnson Library houses all the books he collected during his distinguished career as a philosophy scholar, writer, and editor.

Dr. Johnson graduated from Mount Allison with an honours degree in Philosophy in 1931.

As a professor of philosophy at the University of Western Ontario, head of the department during its formative years, a charter member of the Canadian Philosophical Association, a member of the Royal Society of Canada and of the Humanities Research Council of Canada, and author of numerous books and articles for philosophical journals — Dr. Johnson contributed greatly to the development of philosophy in Canada.


Bachelor of Arts

Admission Requirements

Our admissions decisions are based on your academic record, leadership skills, a high level of commitment, and the potential for personal growth. The drop down menu below will help you find information on what pre-requisites are recommended for the Bachelor of Arts.

Academic Awards


Mount A is #2 in student awards

Maclean’s ranks Mount Allison second in student and faculty awards in its latest University Rankings. To date, 56 Mount Allison students have become Rhodes Scholars — one of the best per capita records in Canada.

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