Need extra time and training to improve your English language skills?

Mount Allison's English language pathway programs make it easier for students from non-English backgrounds to get ready for post-secondary studies.

Our Summer Pathway Program is designed for students who need extra time and training to meet English proficiency requirements and who would like to benefit from additional transition time and academic preparation before full-time studies.

Summer Pathway Program


The Summer Pathway Program (SPP) is a language, academic, and cultural immersion program for students who meet academic requirements at either Mount Allison or the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), but do not meet the English proficiency requirements.

SPP is designed to bring together international students headed to Mount Allison and NBCC so they can study and prepare for post-secondary life together before the start of classes in the fall.

The program will run in summer 2023 for:

  • 12 weeks (starts in May)
  • 8 weeks (starts in June)
  • 4 weeks (starts in July)

Students who have already met the University’s admission requirements can also choose to be a part of this program to improve their language and academic skills.

Modes of delivery:

  • Online delivery — students can attend the program virtually, if they have a stable internet connection and a computer with a camera and microphone to participate in live classes.
  • In-person on campus — not available for 2023

The Summer Pathway program includes:

  • level-specific English and academic skills classes
  • lessons introducing students to the history, culture, and geography of Atlantic Canada
  • guest speaker series to educate students on services and supports available through Mount Allison and other local organizations
  • career development skills to prepare students for job opportunities
English requirements, start dates, and fees


SPP Section 12-Week program 8-Week program 4-week program

May 29-Aug. 18

June 26-Aug. 18

July 24-Aug. 18

Tuition fees for online delivery





N/A for 2023

N/A for 2023

N/A for 2023

English score requirements

All bands 5.0

Listening 6
Reading 7
Speaking 15
Writing 15

Duolingo 90
Comprehension 100
Literacy 95
Conversation 80
Production 70

All bands 5.5

Listening 11
Reading 12
Speaking 17
Writing 17

Duolingo 100
Comprehension 115
Literacy 105
Conversation 95
Production 80

All bands 6.0

Listening 11
Reading 12
Speaking 17
Writing 17

Duolingo 110
Comprehension 120
Literacy 110
Conversation 100
Production 90

*Fees include tuition and program fees.

**Students attending on-campus SPP are encouraged to live on-campus and participate in program related trips and activities in the area.

Students who have already met the University's admission requirements can also choose to be part of this program to improve their language and academic skills.

How to apply to the program

In order to enroll in the Summer Pathway Program, you must first:

Based on eligibility and language scores, students are directly put into the program that works best with their current language skills.

Once admitted, pay a non-refundable deposit of $2,444 CAD to reserve your spot ($450 registration deposit + $1,994 SPP deposit). The remaining fees are due at the beginning of your session.

For online delivery, application and deposit deadline:

  • 12-week SPP — May 1, 2023 (first day of class is May 29)
  • 8-week SPP — May 29, 2023 (first day of class is June 26)
  • 4-week SPP — June 26, 2023 (first day of class is July 24)

The $1,994 SPP deposit is refundable until the first day of classes, if applicant is able to provide proof of study permit refusal.

If you successfully complete the program

Once you successfully complete the English Summer Pathway Program:

  • You get direct unconditional admission to Mount Allison or NBCC starting in September (if you meet the academic requirements)
  • No additional TOEFL or IELTS tests will be required

If you do not successfully complete the program, you will be automatically enrolled in the English Bridging Program (EAB) in September.

For aviation students

Aviation students who need additional language training before the start of their degree and wish to participate in our language bridging programs must choose the English Summer Pathway Program.


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