Mount Allison offers a number of services and programs to support safety on campus.

In addition to resources like security officers, residence staff, and event security staff, Mount Allison has extensive programming each year aimed at building awareness of sexual harassment, assault, discrimination, and consent and provides regular training for residence staff members, all with the goal of developing a culture of respect and reporting on our campus.

Security officers and safety patrols

Security officers patrol campus regularly and are available to assist you 24-7.

  • To contact the Security Office: 506-364-2228
  • If you have an emergency, please call 911

Sexual violence support

Information on supports and disclosure and reporting procedures for survivors of sexual violence can be found on the sexual violence referral and reporting page.

Event service students (ESS)

ESS are students who provide security for all events that sell or serve alcohol. ESS are trained in first aid and can provide quick help when needed.

Security Matters Committee

The Security Matters Committee serves as the primary mechanism for Mount Allison students to ask questions, raise concerns, and share information about personal safety and security on campus.

The committee is comprised of those directly responsible for personal safety and security on campus and can be reached by e-mailing