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Aviation is an interdisciplinary degree program combining professional flight training with studies in subjects relevant to the field of aviation in either science or business.

It is offered in partnership with MFC Training, one of the premier flight training establishments in Canada.

Both the BComm and BSc programs begin with first year courses taken at the Mount Allison campus in Sackville. In following years, while continuing to take courses in Sackville, students also complete an intensive flight training program at the MFC Training campus in Dieppe, NB, including ground school and flying instruction.

Before graduation students complete over 200 hours of flying, hundreds of hours of ground training, and hold a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with multi-engine and instrument ratings. The option to complete the integrated Airline Transport Pilot (IATP) course is also available.

Tuition fees

For a complete list of tuition and fees, including the additional costs associated with the Aviation program, see the tuition and fees page.

Degree options

At Mount Allison, Aviation students have the option of doing a degree in Science or Commerce, depending on your interests.

    Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Aviation

    Our Bachelor of Science (Aviation) allows you to combine your flight training with in-depth studies in subjects related to the field of aviation in the Faculty of Science ― such as geography, environmental science, mathematics, physics, and computer science.

    A BSc degree (120 credits):

    • Science courses (42 credits)
    • Minor, distribution requirements, and electives (42 credits)
    • Flight training requirements (36 credits)

    In consultation with the program coordinator, students select their courses to provide additional depth in the above mentioned sciences and complete a minor for the BSc.

    Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) in Aviation

    Our Bachelor of Commerce ― Aviation in conjunction with MFC Training is designed for students who wish to combine their aviation training with business studies.

    As a Commerce student, you'll study a variety of business areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management ― giving you a strong foundation in the key disciplines of management education.

    For a BComm degree (120 credits):

    • Commerce core requirements and Commerce electives (66 credits)
    • Distribution requirements in arts & letters and humanities, and complementary courses in geography and environment (18 credits)
    • Flight training requirements (36 credits)


    Mount Allison classes

    In first year students take introductory courses in their chosen degree, either Science or Commerce.

    Recommended first year courses for either program can be found here.

    Once you have second-year standing and flight training starts, you'll continue to take three courses per term.

    For specific requirements, visit our academic calendar:

    MFC Training — ground and flight training

    Once you complete your first year, you'll continue to take three courses per term on campus and ground school training, while one-on-one instructor training and flying takes place at the MFC Training campus.

    Most ground school instruction is provided at the Mount Allison campus in Sackville. These classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. during the fall and winter terms.

    For details, visit Aviation timeline.

    Travel between campuses for flight training

    It is about 38 km from Mount Allison's campus in Sackville, NB to the MFC Training campus in Dieppe, NB, mostly along the divided and well-maintained Trans-Canada Highway. Travel time is about 25 minutes.

    Aviation students must provide their own transportation between campuses in years two to four, primarily to attend flight training with their individual instructor at MFC Training.

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