Careers in Aviation | Mount Allison

Aviation Alumni careers

  • Dispatch/Base operations
  • Charter/Medevac
  • Right seat of charter aircraft
  • First officer at regional airline
  • Instructor 
  • Flight instructing
  • Airline First officer
  • Right and left seat aerial work 
  • RCAF pilot
  • Pipeline/survey/fire watch
  • First officer at 703 operation
  • First officer at regional airline (705)
  • First officer at Medevac operations
  • Charter pilot flying business jets
  • Flying for aerial work operation

Other possible career options:

  • Fire patrol/aerial survey/photography
  • Flying for a private operator
  • Ferry flights
  • Flying clubs
  • Paradrops

The Airline Pilots Association has put together an instructive guide called Looking For A Career Where The Sky is The Limit? to help potential commercial pilots get started.

The Canadian Operators and Pilots association (COPA) has also worked with the ACPA to write the Aviation Career and Scholarship Guide . This guide is meant to help student pilots plan and fund their careers.

Further information can be found through the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) Professional Pilot Career Information Brochure, and in Boeing's 2016 Pilot & Technician Outlook booklet.

Aviation Employers

A small list of Aviation employers

  • PAL Aerospace
  • Voyageur
  • Air Borealis
  • Chrono Aviation
  • Canadian North,
  • First Air
  • Perimeter
  • Bearskin
  • Wasaya Airways
  • Superior Airways,
  • Central Mountain Air
  • Chorus Aviation
  • Jazz
  • Encore
  • Porter
  • Maritime Air Charter
  • Air Inuit
  • Air Creebec
  • Skylink
  • Celtic Air Services
  • Novajet
  • VisionAir
  • Ornge
  • FlyGTA
  • Linear Air
  • Air Liaison
  • SkyCare Charters
  • RiseAir
  • SummitAir
  • FastAir
  • OspreyWings
  • North Cariboo Air
  • SunWest Aviation
  • StreakAir

Highlight on a Corporate/Charter pilot career

Differences from airline flying:

  • No set schedule (relatively); on call more often
  • More aspects are handled by the pilots (e.g. planning, customs, catering, parking, ground transportation, etc.)
  • Opportunities for extended layovers
  • Smaller airports, more exotic destinations possible
  • Lifestyle, and work environment is unique from other flying jobs


  • In Canada, relatively high total and turbine time requirements
  • Pilots should build experience with charter outfits over many years before working with a bigger corporate operator