A unique degree opportunity

In addition to offering programs in French, German, Japanese and Spanish, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers a unique interdisciplinary degree that allows students to combine these singular disciplines within their program of study.


The MLLC interdisciplinary BA program brings together course offerings in language, literature, and culture in two main language groups of the student’s choosing, while also providing proficiency in a third language.

There are a number of exciting course combinations possible as part of this degree, and they are outlined in Mount Allison’s Academic Calendar.

Degree streams

The MLLC interdisciplinary BA program is available in two separate degree streams:

  • a major program of study (72 credits)
  • an honours program of study (78 credits)

Program advising

The MLLC program advisor will help mentor and plan your interdisciplinary BA program in modern languages. It is important to start this planning process early (and to check back regularly), so that the advisor can intervene if problems arise in terms of course scheduling, availability, and overlap.

In addition to working with the MLLC advisor, students should consult program advisors in the individual language fields they are studying to ensure that they are on track with any additional requirements of those programs.

For more information on this interdisciplinary program, please get in touch with the MLLC program advisor, Dr. Kirsty Bell, kbell@mta.ca.

Program requirements

For information on program requirements of the individual language units, consult each language page.