Welcome to MLL's Language Lab!

The Language Lab is a key component of student learning in MLL’s first- and second-year language courses.

Language lab sessions are led by student Teaching Assistants and the Language Lab Director. The Language Lab supports classroom learning through interactive activities that improve language proficiency and develop confidence.

Lab sessions provide a safe learning space for a fourth hour of practice which is added to class hours. Lab attendance and participation count towards students’ final grades.

The Language Lab is located in Room 331 on the third floor of the Crabtree Building.

Teaching Assistants

If you are a proficient speaker of French, German, or Spanish, and interested in becoming a Modern Language Teaching Assistant, please contact the Language Lab Director. You do not need to be a native speaker.

Language Lab teaching assistants receive training and support from the Language Lab Director. These paid positions allow you to gain valuable teaching experience.

About the Language Lab Director

Professor Gabriela Fischer is a lecturer in German and the Director of the Language Lab.

She has published a website featuring her translations of contemporary Canadian poetry from both official languages into German.

Her office is located at Crabtree 330 and she can be reached at gfischer@mta.ca.